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Hot off the presses, Practical Workflow for SAP

Those of you in the Workflow space may have seen this coming – after all, the previous edition of the ‘Workflow Bible’ was printed in 2009, and the first edition – the original, was printed in 2004.  And my, how things do change in the SAP world!

One thing that doesn’t change is the need for businesses to optimize their processes, and this can be accomplished by using (wait for it…) SAP Business Workflow. 

The latest edition of the SAP-Press book will be available to purchase on August 5, with electronic versions available.  As a co-author, I was pretty excited to receive a copy (OK, two copies!) today.

Workflow Book-1.jpg

But this blog isn’t really about selling the book.  Those of you who are trying to learn workflow will make up your own minds about that. 

This blog is to thank the people who made it possible – and to tell you something you may not know.

First off, Alan Rickayzen and Jocelyn Dart – you slaved over the first version of this book, and it was amazing.  It is incredibly well written and even portable. 

Secondly, Ginger Gatling, when it was time to create the second version, you rallied a team from all over the world, and you were an inspiration to future cat-herders everywhere. Not only that, but you (YOU) are the person who engineered the donation of all author proceeds to Doctors Without Borders, which has set the model for many others, including (but not limited to) Enterprise Information Management

Third, this book, at its mere ~1000 pages, not only represents some of the best information on the newest SAP technologies (yeah, we mention HANA, and we talk OpenUI5) it also represents the blood, sweat and tears of all of its authors – Head on over to the SAP-Press site to see who they are!  They are all passionate people and I am grateful to hold a bit of their knowledge in my hands.

Fourth, those of you who are Facebook-enabled, head on over here  Workflow Book | FacebookAlan Rickayzen has set up a little challenge to see how many likes the page can get (no agents will call).

I’d also like to thank Kelly Weaver and Laura Korslund for their outstanding work in getting this thing done.

Oh, and one more thing?  Even if you don’t need to know about SAP Business Workflow, you can still join in the SAP community by being part of the ‘I Care, I Gave, I Inspire’ missions.  Doctors Without Borders is being kept too busy these days. 

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  • Proud to be a part of this… still can’t believe how effective this book has been through all 3 versions for the SAP Community – and astounded at how much has been raised for Doctors without borders.  Thanks heaps to everyone who has supported us by buying a copy – hope you find the new version even more useful.



  • Thanks for letting me join in helping this great effort for this edition.  I can’t wait for the blue baton 5K relay at Teched Las Vegas 😉 .

    Take care,


  • Congratulations, Susan! I know very little about workflow but will be recommending the book to my functional colleagues. (And If it’s anything short of awesome we’ll be bitterly disappointed! 🙂 )

    • Oh, Jelena, when I receive a notification from you, I know I am doing something right.  But this book is kinda techy – there’s ABAP and OpenUI5 and BRF and DSM and Operational Process Intelligence.  Maybe you should just let them buy YOU a copy???

      And thanks for the congrats, but I continue to say ‘I stood on the shoulders of giants’ (Jocelyn Dart, Alan Rickayzen, Ginger Gatling).  All I did was some editing/updating.


      • Waaaaaay too modest as always…  But yes there’s some cool stuff in the new book – still waiting for my author’s copy to arrive.. but good to see it out there “in the wild”

  • Hello Susan,

    I would like to learn business workflow. I had experience  7 years as an abap consultant. could you please provide best video tutorials  to learn business workflow or suggest me best method.————— srinivas

    • Hi Srinivas,

      As some folks mentioned above, the latest version of  the workflow book is available for purchase.   It’s even delivered in e-format.  And as I said, all the authors are united in that all proceeds benefit Doctors Without Borders, so I have no conflict when I recommend it.

      There are also some great tutorials (even SAP help tutorials in this area are pretty good) given by Ginger Gatling and Jocelyn Dart.

      Good luck on your journey.  Having an ABAP background will probably come in handy.


  • Minor correction Sue, Our original was published in 2002, not 2004. How time flies!

    Here are some time-stamped amazon reviews ro prove it:

    And a nice accolade I found in my mail shortly after publication:

    I have been working on SAP as an ABAP Programmer for about 6 years, but with little or no experience in workflow.  My current contract has required me to make changes and fix problems with workflow.  I have to say that without your book I would have been all at sea.

    This note is just to say Thank You for writing the book.

    This really made us happy because it was exactly why we wrote the book in the first place 🙂 and holds true today, more than ever, now that it’s been significantly updated.