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Are you making the most of your existing SAP Investment?

I asked myself this yesterday.  Earlier in the week I was reminded about the site Improvement Finder

What is this site?  Greg Capps explains it here Customer Connection – The Ideas are coming to a note near you! I first heard of it a while ago from SAP Mentor Gregor Wolf

Then while discussing the site with a co-worker this week, she reminded me yesterday that there are some things we can use today in our existing system.  For sure for SAP for Utilities customers, there are some:


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In my case, I selected Utilities and SAP ERP (we are not using CRM with Utilities)


22 search results came back.

For us, we immediately discovered we could use these notes:

Some of these issues we just accepted, and some of them we had work arounds.  But why didn’t I think of using this before?

Where did these come from?  Many of them came from the Customer Connection program, which is started by User Groups.

What about BI?  Go here:


Most of these are related to SAP BusinessObjects Web Intelligence, resulting from the Web Intelligence Customer Connection, which was last year.  Many of the enhancements came with BI4.1 SP2.  See Customer Connection Improvements in BI4.1 Based on User Group Input

What’s in the future?  See Innovation Discovery from ASUG Webcast – Important Information to Know as next year it is planned to have the Innovation Discovery tool to replace the Improvement Finder.

Also learn more about the customer connection program at SAP TechEd where ASUG Volunteer and SAP Mentor Susan Keohan starts a Customer Connection program for Workflow Meet ASUG SAP TechEd d-code Speaker Sue Keohan – Customer Connection for Workflow

So these are things you can start using today.  Check out Improvement Finder

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  • Thanks Tammy for this great post. Customer Connection is one of those wonderful initiatives that are not well known in the user community. I think there is opportunity for the mentors to help promoting it and I am planning to do something at the grass root level. Thanks for taking the lead on this. 🙂

  • Perhaps good question to ask would be: "is SAP making it easy to make the most of our investment?". I came across this site while working on The Blog and just spent some time there again today (thanks for a reminder, Tammy!).

    In Sales area it finds 9 results, in Manufacturing 14 results. Does this really warrant having a yet another separate web site that customers need to remember to visit? And why there isn't a better way to communicate those accomplishments to the interested customers? There is so much "push marketing" yet so little "push" of information that we actually care for. If I delivered some improvement at no cost to the customers, I'd be banging my drum very loud, but maybe it's just me...

    But most importantly - why there is so little actual information about those enhancements? For example, Sales Order Monitor could be of interest to pretty much any SD customer (and it's the 2nd most popular module). It sounds cool but there is absolutely 0 information about what it actually does and what does it look like. What are the selection criteria? What fields are actually displayed? Who knows. Was it so difficult to attach a screenshot to the note? How can I "sell" this to our business users?

        • I think you are right. FI is there in almost every SAP customer company. I was thinking about MM being on 2nd and SD on third. I don't know if we have this stats somewhere. Thank you for replying to my concern 🙂


  • My advice would be to be very careful with this website as you'll find improvements that just don't exist. Here is an example:

    We implemented this improvement but it never worked... And we were told by sap support that the English translation was incorrect and that "move-in" and "move-out" was not referring to move-in and move-out processes as we call it in the utilities industry... And as everyone calls it in everyday life. So the German translation should be used instead. But as I don't read german I contacted SAP product management who kindly confirmed the functionality was not there... And never will.

    So don't put too much hope in it. Because I have other examples with improvements that resulted in huge side effects that are not at all documented in this website, and if you report those bugs to SAP support they will send you a nice KBA with a long list of so called "limitations".

    On the bright side for among 7 improvements that we installed,  3 were definitely usable and very useful.



    • Hi Nicolas,  I'm just curious what was your expectation regarding the note? This note is about adding a feature in Contract Management on CRM side regarding entering meter reading during contract management processes.

      Thanks Yevgen

      • Hello Yevgen,

        The improvement request was supposed to add a functionality to "release the meter reading or to validate the meter reading during Start Contract and End Contract processes" (kindly read the english version as the german one seems to be a lot different). And in fact the provided note added a new button on the screen... but it didn't work during contract start and contract end processes because such functionality was never developed on ECC side.

        So a new button was added on CRM, that's indeed true, but clicking on it would do nothing. So it was removed with the newer version of the corresponding note.



          • Hi Yevgen, that's very kind of you... but I don't want to waste your time: I already talked to many of your colleagues including the people responsible for SAP CRM Customer connection program. So they already suggested to plan a meeting in order to explain us how we could implement such improvement "on a customer project base" (= develop it ourselves). And by the way: nobody said "sorry". But I guess that's not SAP. So you really shouldn't bother.

            As I've been using the improvement finder for some time now, I just wanted to point out it's not the Aladdin's cave...