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Top 10 reasons why customers are moving to Cloud Analytics

I’m starting a blog, presenting the top 10 reasons why our customers should move to Cloud Analytics and leverage our new capabilities there.

  1. Faster innovation: Cloud Analytics improves the ability to react fast to emerging trends and to leverage cutting-edge technology, e.g. in-memory and real time computing. Therefore the Pace of innovation is the #1 driver for Cloud Analytics.
  2. Greater flexibility: Public, private and hybrid cloud deployment models for Analytics solutions give the freedom to pick and choose whatever creates value for the customer, independent of the technology stack.
  3. Faster time-to-market: Cloud Analytics solutions are easier and faster available to the users delivering richer capabilities, faster analysis, and access to more data than ever before.
  4. Reduced total cost of ownership: TCO is optimized by eliminating capital expenses and minimizing operational expenses for infrastructure and operations
  5. Business scalability: Cloud Analytics allow an agile adoption of new business models and capabilities, speed up innovation cycles and allow the required flexibility in the structure of organization, processes and IT.
  6. Location independence: Cloud Analytics allow easy access to disparate sources of data and therefore support business growth, locally and globally
  7. Cost flexibility: With Cloud Analytics costs are shifted from fixed to variable and provide customers more flexibility due to subscription based pricing
  8. Simplified support: Cloud Analytics reduce or eliminate deployment and support logistics and allow customer to focus on the use of Analytics solutions instead of running them.
  9. Minimized deployment risks: Cloud Analytics help customers avoid disruptions to running systems and leverage the best suited deployment options for users, applications and data
  10. Standardized Analytics platform: Cloud Analytics enable a standardized Analytics platform providing trusted data, ubiquitous user experience and intuitive user interfaces to the users

In the near-term future I’m going to talk more about the details in some of the items, also preparing some compelling examples.

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