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SAPUI5 Frontend in HCP with Spring Security secured Grails Backend

I just pushed a little showcase application to github which demonstrates the use of a SAPUI5 frontend application with a Grails backend system. The reasons I wrote this frontend in the RDE are:

  • I love SAPUI5 as frontend technology.
  • I love Grails as backend technology cause it`s so groovy.
  • I needed a simple showcase for authentication in restful application scenarios.
  • I want a colleague to work on the frontend part of another bigger Grails application with minimum effort on local system setup.

So I decided to put the frontend part of the application into a GITHUB repository. I then cloned this in the RDE that comes as beta version with HCP trial edition. After that I could develop my frontend application in the RDE and push my changes into this repository.


To connect this frontend to my Grails backend application and to overcome the SOP (same origin policy) problem I had to expose the latter via the SAP Cloud connector to my HCP account.


With this I could create a destination in the HCP cockpit


After the destination was available I had to refer to it in the file neo-app.json of my SAPUI5 application.


Now I could simple call my api functions from the SAPUI5 application as if they were running at the same host.

     oModel.loadData(“api/logout”, undefined, true, “POST”, false, false, header );

If you are interested in the REST authentication stuff please look into the sourcecode at GITHUB and the readme file over there.

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