Hi all

I tried to make a summary on the necessary steps to connect an infocube, DSO, Infobject, Open Hub or a data source into HCI

We are not yet fully done, but please find my findings attached and post your

This is no official document, but a guidance to lost consultants…

Hope it might help


P.S.: UPDATE Feb 18th 2016 – slight adjustment of the attachment

         Be aware that the document is pretty old and I made only very few adjustments

         However, it still provides an overview about the possibilities for dummy consultants like me…


The file is of type PDF, but as I am not allowed to load the file as pdf, I had to change the ending to txt –> download, rename from txt to pdf, then open

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  1. vivek singh

    Hey Irmhild,

    As you wrote that this is not the complete version. Do you have any updated version of this for 4.0.



  2. Irmhild Kuntze Post author

    Hey all

    I currently have not yet a revised version.

    There is pretty much new.

    Meanwhile we have web services to ready directly from APO planning area. And a report to enable data source automatically to be visible in HCI: /SAPAPO/PAREA_EXTR_EXPOSE. This report is not available in BW, as far as I know, you so likely still have to use the manual code I gave the example in my document.

    Maybe I will find some time some day to update the document. So please feel free to share your experience in this blog and I can update it or others can simply take it from your comments.

    Thanks for your interest


    HCI on APO Datastore.jpg

  3. Irmhild Kuntze Post author


    it helps to read the notes, so I highlighted them 🙂

    You need to first download, than change the ending from .txt to .pdf, and only than you can open

    Reason is that I could not upload a pdf file

    However, be aware that it is pretty old. The principles are still valid, so it gives a good overview for dummy concultants like me

    But the technical details are outdated in many areas



  4. Nazeer Khan

    Hello All,


    I’m not able to view the attachment to this blog. Can anyone pleas help. how to access the attachment.


    with regards,



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