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Getting Bigger and Slower ??

No, not from eating too much and moving too little 😉 , but from data volume clogging up your BW and/or ERP systems!

Data volume in SAP BW and ERP systems often doubles or quadruples each year.  This data growth brings with it some challenges that need to be addressed. Here are a few to start with:

  1. Reporting takes more time
  2. Transactions could take more time to process
  3. To curb problems 1 and 2, SAP BW and ERP systems need to be maintained frequently, which means frequent downtimes.
  4. Frequent downtimes render the systems unusable for some time.
  5. Frequent maintenance is not free of charge.
  6. While maintaining the systems you find out that they are running out of space. When space runs out, you need more  … and more… and more of it.
  7. Adding premium space comes at a premium cost.

To get a faster and more efficient SAP system, more and more SAP customers are moving to SAP HANA. With massive data volumes, HANA migration takes more time and costs more…. – remember, you pay for size!

The question to ask is, do you need all that data at all times? If the answer is no, why should you pay for premium storage and processing power for it.

Can you do with less of it in your online, production systems? If yes, then why keep it there. Why not keep it in a low cost space and then use the data when you need it. This data still is yours to keep and is very much online. The difference is that most of your problems go away.

Reporting and transactions become easier. Systems don’t need to be maintained frequently, which reduces cost, effort and downtimes.

It’s not that you are going to use less space. You are still using a lot of space to store this cold and infrequently used data, but not on tier-1 hardware with top dollar investment.

Another thing is …. For how long do you need to store it, before you can get rid of it eventually? (Hint… regulatory compliance!!)

SAP BW Near-Line storage and SAP Information Lifecycle management solutions can be used to manage these high data volumes for SAP BW and SAP ERP systems. Both these solutions use SAP IQ as a near-line or retention store for data that does not need to reside in your more expensive high-availability datastore. You still have access to all the data with SAP IQ, just not quite at the same blazing speed of SAP HANA.

The picture below shows two options to adopt the solution:


Option 1: SAP BW can use SAP IQ as near-line storage while SAP ERP can use it as an archiving repository.


Option 2: SAP IQ could be used as an integrated archiving platform and infrastructure for both SAP Business Suite and SAP Business Warehouse (SAP BW) applications.


Now Available!!!  SAP IQ Near-Line Storage and Retention Management rapid deployment solution

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