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As a consultant, I reached many times the SCN community trying to search for possible solutions to my concerns, issues and problems. In most of the cases, I found what I was looking for, but I never gave it back.

A couple of weeks ago I decided to return what I had received during so many years. In a few days I understood that I was not only trying to help others, the SCN community was also helping me again.

Spending my free time in SCN is the best thing that I have decided to do for me. This is a win win case: at the time that I am trying to help other consultants by reading their issues and concerns, I am being favoured in three aspects:

  1. My minds is being exercised, trying to find responses that I could have in a deep part of my memory.
  2. I am learning from other experiences, following what other consultants respond and how a solution is built inside the community of experts.
  3. I am feeling good when I am helping others… So I am doing something for me too.

I have also noticed that SCN could be addictive, so trying to manage this addiction will be also part of the challenge.

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