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SAP Lumira 1.18 is out folks!

Just as the heat from Sapphire 2014 is about to cool down, SAP Lumira team is releasing our next incremental release, SAP Lumira 1.18. Our agile delivery train is back on track with no summer vacation.

With less than a month of development cycle, we kept our focus on:

  • feedback from Lumira 1.17 Customer Validation
  • incrementally delivering on the vision and key principles we shared at Sapphire
  • less coding and more testing

Here are highlights of what you can expect in this release in a nutshell:

1.18 highlights.PNG

One of the monumental updates you saw in Lumira 1.17 was our promise to simplify user experience by unifying Visualize and Compose rooms across Lumira desktop, server, and cloud.  Lumira 1.18 continues to deliver incremental updates to close the gap.

1.18 simplified user experience.PNG

From the visualization gallery, you can switch the orders of the visualizations by dragging-and-dropping the thumbnails.  The order will be respected in the visualization list in the Compose room. The order is also used when viewing the story page by page on server and cloud, if the story does not yet have a  layout defined. This behavior provides PowerPoint like presentation mode.

The facets in the Visualize room can now show and sort by number of occurrences similar to facets in Prepare room in Lumira desktop.

3 Facet Occurences.png

When you create a filter from a text dimension in the Visualize room, you can also show and sort by occurrences in the list of values.

1 Text Filter Occurence.png

2 Text Filter Sort by Occurence.png

Up next, use Lumira 1.18 to access the latest and greatest relational universe data sources from SAP BusinessObjects BI 4.1 SP4 platform. Visualize data from trusted sources from trusted platform. Although there was no time to deliver significant updates to our support for SAP BW direct connectivity, several usability issues reported during the 1.17 Customer Validation programs are addressed. You can expect more exciting enhancements to our BW support in upcoming releases.

1.18 trusted data.PNG

Powered, by SAP HANA Cloud Integration (HCI), your administrator can now configure the upload setting to only refresh the data changed since the last upload. See this comprehensive blog by Jay Xiong for more details as well as our user guide.

SAP Lumira 1.17 integrates with SAP Fiori allowing you to consolidate, personalize, and view key applications and information in an easily accessible manner. SAP Smart Business is a Fiori application that provides pre-defined scenarios for different lines of business and industries with important KPIs for business users. With SAP Fiori wave 5 and SAP Lumira Server 1.18, you can link the KPI tile to Lumira story to further drill down what is behind the KPI value and perform visual analysis. Lumira 1.18 also extends reach of our mobile users with addition of Windows 8.1 tablet support.

1.18 business agility.PNG

Besides these key enhancements, there have been various performance improvements throughout the product with more to come in upcoming releases.  We would definitely like to hear from you whether you are seeing improvements and any other feedback you may have.

Just to let you in on a classified information, our development team is already far into Lumira 1.19 development and we are also actively elaborating on requirements for next releases. We are really excited about what we are working hard to deliver in 2H 2014 and are looking forward to hearing more about your ideas in Idea Place.

As usual, please refer to official documentation and tutorials for more detailed information.

Thank you.


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  1. Jason Cao

    Thanks for your update Sharon! Looks like really nice improvements for 1.18! 🙂

    Thanks for the link to Jay’s blog as well – HCI will make the job of keeping datasets and stories up-to-date a breeze! And for those who don’t have Lumira Cloud Enterprise, the “refresh document” function in Lumira Desktop works well for people like me who don’t need to update reports as often.


    1. Sharon Om Post author

      Thank you Jason! Awesome to hear.  This is the first official feedback we got on Lumira 1.18 😉 ! (I hear that 1.18 is still not available for auto update. I am sure this is in progress and coming shortly).

  2. M. van Foeken

    Hi Sharon,

    Great to hear that 1.18 has been released! I just got back from vacation so I’m going to install all versions (desktop, server and BI add-on) in the coming days and update my blog posts if necessary!

    Keep up the good work!

    With kind regards,


  3. Sairam Prativadi Bhayankara

    Hi Sharon Om,

    I am new to SAP Lumira. I wanted to explore Lumira as it now can access data from SAP Bo Universe. I wanted to know is it possible to have SAP BO standalone universe without giving the CMC credentials as a data source in Lumira? If yes, how?

    1. M. van Foeken

      Hi Sairam,

      I believe there is no possibility to connect to any data source in Lumira without providing credentials to authenticate. Apart from CSV and Excel files of course.

      With kind regards,


  4. Debajyoti Dan

    Hi Sharon,

         The new features are really interesting. Could you please confirm 1.18 version would have backward compatibility? Like, can we connect to 1.18 Lumira Server from 1.15 or 1.17 Lumira Desktop?

      1. Debajyoti Dan

        Thanks for the response Sharon…so if we are currently working in 1.15 version and want to upgrade to 1.18 version. Do we have to access the .lums file from local and republish to 1.18 lumira server? or there are some other ways to handle this?

        1. Antoine CHABERT

          Hi Dan,

          Just curious to know if you speak around backward or forward compatibility.

          To me, making sure that the documents would still open after upgrading from 1.15 to 1.18 on the server side is forward compatibility.

          Which I would assume should be supported.

          Best regards,


  5. Emrah KAYA

    We still cannot see the server installation files of Lumira in SMP.

    We report the issue to SAP Turkey. We are hopeful about those new features that you described.

    Will be there new developments on ESRI mapping integration ? That’s crucial.

    Emrah Kaya

  6. Matthias Ott

    Hi Sharon,

    Is it possible to connect Lumira via BICS to BW on Oracle (or any RDBMS) (with BIA) or is BW on HANA mandatory for the BW Query connection?



    1. M. van Foeken

      Hi Matthias,

      As per my understanding HANA is not mandatory as a database for BW in order for Lumira to connect to it. In the ‘What’s New’ guide of Lumira 1.17 (when this was introduced) the following is stated:

      ‘Connect to SAP BW online mode: SAP Lumira now supports connection to a SAP BW database to view data, select queries and create visualizations.’

      With kind regards,


      1. Matthias Ott

        Hi Martijn,

        Thanks for your quick response and pointing me to this document.

        As you mentioned, based on the “What’s new guide” it should support SAP BW on any database. This is how I would understand this too.

        However, it would be good if I can get a confirmation from SAP, just to be 100% sure.

        Hopefully someone from SAP can confirm if it is feasible to connect Lumira 1.18 via BICS to SAP BW on RDBMS.



            1. Sharon Om Post author

              Just want to thank everyone for questions and answers and apologize for slow response. I was on vacation for a couple of weeks and am still recovering.

      1. Miguel Falabella

        Thank you Tammy, but i did not find, because the document is not complete. I need calculate a measure “Same Month prior Year” and in the document does not exist, and the YTD only work with current date, if i will need YTD to last month, the measure does not work.


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