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Hi Everyone

Today marks the release of SAP Lumira 1.18!  I know there are some early birds as usual itching to get your hands on the latest release and share great insights. I would like to highlight a few key pre-requisites for this release. After reading this blog, please also see Preflight Checklist for Installing Lumira Server from Xing Jin

SAP Lumira Server 1.18 requires:

  • SAP HANA 1.0 SP8 rev 81
    • Make sure SAP HANA Lifecycle Manager (SAP HANA LCM 1.0 SP7 Patch 12+) is installed on your HANA server box
    • Make sure SAP HANA Studio 1.0 SP8 is installed on the administrator’s client OS and can connect to your HANA server
  • SAP SAL AFL component – SAP HANA Application Function Library (AFL) for the Self-service Analytics Library (SAL) component
    • On SMP, click on Self-service Analytics AFL 1.0
    • Select SAL AFL rev. 81 Patch Level 2
  • SAP UI5 1.20. 6 – this SAP UI5 library is required due to a known issues for SAP Fiori with HANA rev 81. Lumira Server now uses Fiori administration console for its deployment.  In future revisions (rev 82+), this step should not be required.  This is already listed under the download section of SAP Lumira Server.
  • SAP Lumira Desktop 1.18 to publish datasets and stories

For Lumira integration to SAP BusinessObjects BI 4.1 platform, you need to get

SAP BusinessObjects BI, add-on for SAP Lumira 1.1 (a.k.a Lumira add-on) which requires:

  • SAP Lumira Server 1.18, with components listed above including SAP HANA 1.0 SP8 rev 81
  • SAP BusinessObjects BI 4.1 SP3 or SP4 platform – strongly recommend SP4 to take advantage of the BI platform LCM support and additional data sources supported by universe
  • SAP Lumira Desktop 1.18 to publish datasets and stories

If you were previously on HANA 1.0 rev 74.01 or 74.02, you should be able to upgrade to HANA 1.0 rev 81.

Here is the install component view.

Lumira 1.18 add-on component view.PNG

Please note that as previously communicated, Internet Explorer versions supported on this release is IE 10 and IE 11. Please refer to PAM for the full list of browsers and platforms supported.

Additional useful resources (more link will be added over the next few days):



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  1. Former Member

    Dear Sharon,

    Im facing off an issue with the Lumira-add on to BI:

    What if I have a HANA Scale-Out? How can I introduce the hosts names of my HANA Scale-Out in the Lumira Service Configuration in the CMC? I just see one space for the HANA Host name but if my SAP HANA is Scale-out, which host name is going to be define in this space?

    Thanks for your answer.

    1. Former Member Post author

      Hello Carlos

      At this time, Lumira add-on supports a single HANA node.

      I am following up internally what the plan is for HANA Scale-Out with relevant owners.  I will let you know when I hear back.

      Thank you.

  2. Former Member

    Hi Sharon,

    Is the Lumira Add-on GA now? I am still not able to see it in the downloads area. If it is not GA, when is the tentative timeline?


    1. Former Member Post author

      Hi Panda

      We are waiting for 10 customer feedback to GA. However that should not stop you from getting your hands on Lumira add-on. If you have the license already, it is a very short exercise to fill out the form and you will be approved.

      Exit of ramp-up is a KPI based, rather than timeline based.

      Do you have any concerns for starting now?



  3. Former Member

    Hi Sharon,

    Where do you find the Self-service Analytics AFL 1.0. If I do a search on SMP here is what I get


    If I select  2nd one there is no SAL AFL rev. 81 Patch Level 2 ?





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