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Representing Business data with SAPUI5 VIZ chart – some useful Tips and Tricks

The sap.viz charting library provides a set of flexible chart controls that allow to easily

representing business data in a feature rich, graphical manner.

Quick Coding to get a BAR Chart

(Probably most of you know how to build a basic chart. Do not worry this is just starting.

Something more is waiting for you. 🙂 )

var oModel = new sap.ui.model.xml.XMLModel(); 



var oDataset = new;

var DimensionList = new; (Y Axis)





var MeasureListActual = new;(X Axis)




var MeasureListPlan = new;(X Axis)





var oChartCompare = new sap.viz.ui5.Bar


                           id : “ChartCompare”,

                           width :”310px”,

                           height : “100px”,

                          dataset : oDataset



XML structure









We get Simple meaning less Bar Chart from above code 😕


  • I will add X axis.


var XAxis = oChartCompare.getXAxis();


  • Also Y Axis

var YAxis = oChartCompare.getYAxis();



  • “We don’t understand the meaning of green & blue color without legend” 😡


var ProdLegendYTD = 



  • Can you give me a tooltip please ?

var ProdTooltipYTD =




  1. But  /wp-content/uploads/2014/07/index_510734.png(My mind wants more) “3D round corner bar”



height : “100px”,







dataset : oDataset


  • My charts are not C/wp-content/uploads/2014/07/12_510501.pngL/wp-content/uploads/2014/07/12_510501.pngRFUL

var color1 = “#EAC117”;

var color2 = “#38ACEC”;

var color3 = “#838B83”;

var color4 = “#728C00”;


height : “100px”,


              drawingEffect: sap.viz.ui5.types.

Bar_drawingEffect.glossy,           isRoundCorner:true,                                            



dataset : oDataset



  • Please show me value on the top of bar, please….








                   positionPreference : true,

                   position : sap.viz.ui5.types. 



dataset : oDataset


  • Last one -comma separated value for better visibility





                     position : sap.viz.ui5.types.


                     formatString : [[“##,0”],[“en-US”]]


dataset : oDataset



All these very beautiful and useful features of Viz chart are the overnight reinvention/research by My KOLKATA SAP MII Team. Thanks to all of them, especially thanks to Ushinar Basu, Arnab Singha, Sushabhan Banerjee, Pratibha Singh & Sucharit Dutta.

Thanks Som Sarkar and Animesh Mondal for their guidance, where we get stuck.

Thanks Sudipta Mukherjee for his great ideas & guidance on charts to impress our client at first sight.

Thanks Dipankar Saha for always inspiring me to write this kind of blog. Hope this will help everyone.

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  • Thnaks for the Tutorial, have any solutions to changing the default postion of the X and Y axis , by setting a value for thier position for instance in Highcharts I could do this

    yAxis: {

         plotLines: [{

             color: ‘#000000’,

                     width: 1,

                     value: 5


             labels: {

      enabled: false


    and achieve thisCapture.PNG

    Thanks for the suggestions

  • Hi is it possible to ever build a Bubble chart with the code below, What could I be missing

    sap.ui.jsview(“views.BubbleCoy”, { 

              /** Specifies the Controller belonging to this View.

              * In the case that it is not implemented, or that “null” is returned, this View does not have a Controller.

              * @memberOf views.Bubble


              getControllerName : function() { 

                        return null; 


              /** Is initially called once after the Controller has been instantiated. It is the place where the UI is constructed.

              * Since the Controller is given to this method, its event handlers can be attached right away.

              * @memberOf views.Companies


              createContent : function(oController) {



                        var mainCoyBubbleChart = new sap.viz.ui5.types.Bubble(“mainCoyBubbleChart”, {  

                                  width : “100%”, 

                                  height : “50%”, 

                                  line : {

                              //’colorPalette’ : d3.scale.category20().range()



                                  title : { 

                                            visible : true, 

                                            text : ‘Copmpany Aggregation’  



                                  xAxis: { 

                                      //title: { visible: true, text : “Friend Aggregation” },

                                      //scale: new sap.viz.ui5.types.Axis_scale({fixedRange:true, Value: 5, minValue: 0, maxValue: 12})



                                  dataset : topSalesDataset = new{ 

                                            // a Bar Chart requires exactly one dimension (x-axis) 

                                            dimensions : [ { 

                                                      axis : 1, // must be one for the x-axis, 2 for y-axis 

                                                      name : ‘Company’, 

                                                      value : “{Name}” 


                                            // it can show multiple measures, each results in a new set of bars 

                                            // in a new color 

                                            measures : [  




                                        name : ‘Business Value’, // ‘name’ is used as label in the Legend 

                                                  value : ‘{BusinessValue}’ // ‘value’ defines the binding for the 




                                            name : ‘Friend Value’, // ‘name’ is used as label in the Legend 

                                                      value : ‘{friendValue}’ // ‘value’ defines the binding for the 



                                            // ‘data’ is used to bind the whole data collection that is to be 

                                            // displayed in the chart 

                                            data : { 

                                                      path : “/” 





    //                    var YAxis = mainBubbleChart.getYAxis();

    //          YAxis.setVisible(true);



                        return mainCoyBubbleChart; 


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  • First of all awesome work ,
    I am facing one issue if anyone can help, I need to display a data like “Ashburn/Orchestrator1/blahblah”…..But when i try to set is not coming complete and shows “…” below the graph axis Y.
    Can someone help me with this, i dont wanna use CSS just for one step, and i am unable to find any property or code related to it