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Doctors Without Borders – Epic Birthday Smackdown – It’s all about Dedication

Recently my good friend, fellow ASUG Volunteer and SAP Mentor, Sue Keohan, challenged me to a fundraising contest to celebrate our shared birthday, August 10th. I answered her challenge, but so far, Sue is beating the stuffing out of me.

The challenge benefits Doctors Without Borders, so really, it doesn’t matter which team wins because the charity wins no matter what.

But as the challenge enters its final 10 days, let me pose this question to you. Should you back Sue’s team, or my team, Team 42?

Sue would have you think that her team is the righteous cause for several reasons. I tend to disagree. Sue herself says that substance beats “flash”, so I pose this to my friend Sue, and to the SCN at large as you make your team choices.

All of us have birthdays. Sue and I share the same one, August 10th, which is how this whole drive began. Several of them are milestone birthdays that we give special fanfare to. Almost two years ago, I hit the milestone birthday of 40 years. That’s a big one, especially working in the IT industry, as now I’m somewhere between a dinosaur and a fossil. And how did I choose to spend my milestone 40th birthday? I spent it with the SCN. I helped to organize and then gave a presentation at SAP Inside Track Newtown Square. I chose to spend it doing what I love, sharing my knowledge with the SAP Community.

So I’ll ask you, dear reader, which team would you really want to back in this contest to raise funds for a noble cause? The team that plays dirty tricks to get sympathy donations 🙁 ?

Or a team that is truly dedicated to the core of what it means to be a member of the SCN 🙂 ? As Sue has told me several times, substance beats flash.

If you agree, please head over to the Doctors Without Borders SCN donation site, and make sure you enter your SCN ID and mine (Greg Myers) so we can rise to this glorious challenge together.

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      Author's profile photo Susan Keohan
      Susan Keohan

      Folks, it's true.  Greg is a dedicated member of SCN, and yes, he is definitely somewhere between a dinosaur and a fossil.

      It's probably NOT his fault that the picture referred to in the above tweet was retrieved via a Google search, and appeared next to the headline about Vishal. Coincidence.  Sheer Coincidence.

      The devil is in the details, and Greg (for all his positive attributes, I just can't think of one right now) has missed the point that although *our* birthdays are on August 10, the challenge itself goes until August 30.  That gives all our friends and family, far and wide, a chance to show their support for Doctors Without Borders.

      Although maybe Greg doesn't need that extra time for 'all his friends and family' because, well, you can read between the lines there.

      At any rate, you have to ask yourself...

      What's the difference between Greg and a 2 week old puppy?  In a month, the puppy will stop whining. (Thanks Mike Ditka)

      Kind regards,