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Author's profile photo Diego Ferrary

Analysis for Office 1.4 SP8

Hi Customers,

SAP just delivered Analysis for Office 1.4 SP8 that contains the following SAP corrections:

  • 2041930 Convert To Formula does not work for dimension members with spaces
  • 2041133 Analysis Office dumps when importing text files into MS Excel with drag and drop
  • 2038901 Analysis Office prevents Excel from closing
  • 2038664 Log file contains API errors for SAPGetDimensionStaticFilter
  • 2037259 Analysis Office: Error at undo operation after workbook has been closed
  • 2034227 Text: ‘Insert System.Reflection.Missing’ in statistic step when inserting a query of query view
  • 2032253 Precalculation fails for workbooks with named ranges including special characters
  • 2032238 Enabled NCo tracing for BiPrecalculation
  • 2032085 AO: Timeout when trying to display list of data source from BIP
  • 2032069 AO on Office 2013: Inserting a data source from the backstage menu results in a exception
  • 2031598 Launcher does not create new Excel 2013 process
  • 2031244 Launcher fails when using Excel 2003
  • 2029946 Poor performance with large filters on Analysis tab
  • 2029886 AO 1.4: Excel 2013 – Performance issues when switching the context and when working with several workbooks
  • 2029832 Filter by Measure with Measure in Filter and Structure in the rows
  • 2028809 Exception when clicking in crosstab
  • 2028695 Using an apostrophe within a sheet name leads to an exception
  • 2027858 Bad performance during grid rendering in case of huge amount of columns
  • 2027119 Analysis Office: drag and drop / expanding hierarchy nodes not working using Excel 2013
  • 2027085 Adding the flat presentation of a dimension to the background filter does not work
  • 2026682 Reset Data Source and cancelling Prompts results in exception
  • 2025501 Filter Dialog and Value Help set and activate hierarchy for characteristic
  • 2025417 Removed Attributes / Access Mode menu entries for Mass Data Filter Dialog
  • 2023668 Missing translations in case of context menu for Execute Planning Function, Planning Sequence and Add Member tooltip
  • 2023432 Analysis Office: Exception if inserting a workbook from BW server after inserting a workbook from BIP server
  • 2023003 Missing alternative location for ‘sapaocache’ used for temporarily saved documents locally when opening Analysis workbooks from server
  • 2022924 Performance issue when pasting members from clipboard into Filter Dialog or Value Help
  • 2021910 Default value of setting CompressMetadata changed to true
  • 2021646 Workbook Logon User is not available when opening a workbook from the BIP Launchpad
  • 2020833 Analysis Office: filter information not displayed with correct member presentation
  • 2020434 Logging of AO launcher
  • 2020351 Propagate selection in hierarchically displayed keyfigures
  • 2019598 Poor performance when clicking on the information tab
  • 2019160 Exception Invalid Program Status\: No result set available when Pause Refresh is active
  • 2018409 SAPCallMemberSelector ignores parameter Selector Type if hierarchy is assigned to characteristic
  • 2018358 Analysis Office: Saving new document to the name and path of an existing document does not display a warning popup
  • 2017718 Formulas show error #N/A when cancelling prompts dialog
  • 2017317 AO 1.4: Wrong message “Data was saved (BRAIN-242)”
  • 2017284 Open workbook from backend several times may result in exception in case of OSS connection
  • 2016959 Formulas SAPListOfEffectiveFilters and SAPListOfStaticFilters only contains dimensions in drilldown
  • 2016735 AO cannot be used with Turkish regional settings
  • 2015452 AO 1.4: Hierarchy date is wrong for 9999/12/31
  • 2015441 Mass Data Filter dialog throws Out of Memory exception when too many data is pasted from clipboard
  • 2013551 User stylesets are missing after upgrade of Analysis Office
  • 2011200 AO: Undo history always contains the same decription text when changing the member access mode
  • 2011170 Emphasized formats does not occur correctly on planning cells
  • 2011111 Empty columns get rendered with maximum width
  • 2010638 Presentation doesn’t get saved back to server on save
  • 2009865 Filter Dialog : Wrong data for member access mode
  • 2009468 Possible COMException with code 0x800A03EC when opening an Analysis workbook from server
  • 2008793 When launching variable prompts screen possible long messages are not available in message window
  • 2008055 Wrong node selection after change of time dependent master data object with enabled hierarchy in prompts dialog
  • 2007114 Translation not applied after copy of cross tab in components tab
  • 2006943 ArgumentException in some cases occuring if there are multiple sheets with same name in the workbook
  • 2005454 Searching for a Analysis workbook or presentation by description on BIP not possible
  • 2005434 Filter Dialog: Single value selection isn’t applied
  • 2005278 Search in Filter Dialog on characteristic with hierarchy enables paste button
  • 2004759 Save Dialog: Entering a workbook name using IME
  • 2004021 SAP Formula is not calculated correctly when entered into a blank workbook
  • 2003968 Save Analysis workbook to BIP Folders view does not work
  • 2003401 Validating a variable value in the prompt dialog
  • 2003354 AO: Excel 2013 – Taskpane is still shown after closing a workbook
  • 2003278 Analysis chart is losing swap state of rows and columns after refresh
  • 2002592 Filter Dialog : Missing Access Mode switch for calendar view
  • 2002573 Formula shows result twice
  • 2001286 Analysis Office: nodes without text in Design Panel
  • 2000392 Server Type “Group” feature for Analysis Precalculation
  • 1994876 Value help does not display correct data
  • 1983668 Analysis Office: BEx Conditions and condition states in UI
  • 1976283 Error saving workbooks to BIP with relational connection to HANA system
  • 1962934 Performance: Pause Screen Update for Hidden Crosstabs
  • 1954665 Presentation doesn’t get saved back to server on close
  • 1518359 SAP BusinessObjects Analysis Office & BIP Add On Release schedule

To download the Analysis for Office Client’s support package 8 please click here.

To download the Analysis for Office BIP Add on support package 8 please click here.

You can also check SAP note 1910505 – Analysis Office 1.4: Release Note for SP8.


Diego Ferrary

Support Team, NW Technology, AGS Primary Support

SAP Labs Latin America

For more Analysis for Office tool please check:

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      Author's profile photo Astrid Gambill
      Astrid Gambill

      Hi Diego


      Thanks for the useful info and the links.


      You might like to clarify that the link for the client tool is 32bit specific.  It would also be helpful to have a separate link for the 64 bit version.


      I did eventually find the latter in the SAP Marketplace, and it's very finicky on how it installs.  I have 64 bit MS Office 2013 but also had an older 32 bit version of Visio, and I've had to un-install that to be able to install the Analysis for Office client.




      Author's profile photo Diego Ferrary
      Diego Ferrary
      Blog Post Author

      Hi Astrid Gambill,


      Thanks for your update.
      I will consider your suggestions on further version's posts.

      I also suggest you to check our wiki page by the link:
      We are improving the information on the wiki and all suggestion is well appreciated.


      Kind regards,
      Diego Ferrary

      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member

      Hi Diego,


      i have a question concercing the display of Extra Long Characters in BeX or Analysis for Office. Due to new feature of BW 7.4 Text for Characteristics is supported for up to 1333 characters.


      Is this also supported for the Display in Analysis for Office or BeX?

      Author's profile photo Diego Ferrary
      Diego Ferrary
      Blog Post Author

      Hi Asad Bajwa,

      By my knowledge the limitation will be only on the backend.
      Analysis for Office will just read the information from backend.

      Kind regards,
      Diego Ferrary