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The Good, the Bad and the SAP Learning Hub

Hi all,

Today’s blog is a review to the SAP Learning Hub. Some of my colleagues got a subscription and I want to give some feedback.

The header gives a clue, I think there are two sides included in this review.

As usual I like the counting-thing and therefore I just added an addition – positive ➕ / negative ➖ to every point.

1st point The availability is nearly perfect  ➕

If you got internet access you got access to your learning stuff. That is really awesome and of course it helps to get out of the comfort zone and learn something new. This is a point at the positive side. A wish could be, to save stuff at the local disc to have an offline access, but I think most of us are nearly everywhere connected and the free hotspots are also growing fast (I think this is a worldwide process, isn’t it)

2nd point The quantity is growing fast  ➕

The available documents and courses are really growing in a very fast way. I cannot present a digit here, but my colleagues told me, that it’s a lot material online and nearly monthly new courses arrive.

3rd point search function doesn’t work similar to the training and certification shop  ➖

That is a point to fix. It is confusing if you search the same keyword and it doesn’t show the same result. A college showed me that and I tried it also by my own. That is a point I sent to SAP. You need to fix this. Our example-search was “FIORI”.

Thanks to Patrick 😉

4th point documents are 1to1 copy of the participant –handout  ➖

I’m not sure about the quantity here, but browsing the offered courses we saw, that there are courses in you just get the handout (courses ABAP-developers might be interested in) as an pdf (online, not downloadable of course 🙂 ). That might be ok at some, but other courses are not very practicable with it. It is needed to add all the additional information to the course which are needed. Normally the trainer add his expertise and of course the missing statements during the course. Sure, the expertise is hard to add here, but the additional information out of the trainer-handout is really needed and should be available. I could imagine adding it as linked information inside the participant-pdf.

An easier way would be to add the trainer-handout also, but I’m not sure, if this is a practicable way to get into it and link the correct information in a good and easy way.

5th point learning rooms ➕

That is one point I would say it is really awesome. I would love to be part of one and that might be my personal mind-changer point that I will use a Full-version. I had the chance to get an insight how it works and how information are shared. I really love the way it is presented. But it is too much to explain it here. You want to learn more about it, here is a link:

Learning Rooms: Social Learning with SAP Learning Hub

If that is not enough… search SCN and you will find a lot good information about the learning hub.

PS: You already found the correct space.

6th point Access to the Training Systems ➕ ➖

That is also a nice innovation I like. You can have access to Training Systems to do all the exercises. Attention, it is not included and you need to spend some extra money. There are 3 different offers:

  • 20 hrs have to be consumed in 30 calendar days
  • 40 hrs have to be consumed in 60 calendar days
  • 60 hrs have to be consumed in 90 calendar days

Category 1 and 2. Not sure about the difference here, but I think it depends on what course you want to do.

So you need to spend your time on different courses in this period. But in my opinion flexible enough and of course, a lot of the stuff could also be done with your own installation in your company (Ask your responsible contact before 😛 .

7th point Userinterface ➕ ➖

The Userinterface is nicely presented and you also got an online-calendar to manage all your necessary dates there. What I miss there, is a function to get the stuff in a way to import it in my business calendar as well. An idea might be to send it to my personal address and add it manual to my calendar. There are a lot of different interfaces out there supported by most of the mail-applications. But who do I tell this, SAP-Office could handle a lot of it right now 😉

Another point in this direction, it is not that intuitive. You need some time to get into the navigation, so do it before you want to start with your first course. (Or you use point 8 before placing your order 😎

I suggest it would be easier with quick-links or a navigation-tree.

8th point Discovery edition ➕

Might be generally known, but I want to bring it again in your mind. If you aren’t sure about it, Take your chance to have a look behind the Learning Hub and draw your own picture. Discovery Edition is free and you also can earn a badge here (if you want).

Result:         5 ➕    :   ➖ 4


If you are a person, who is really interested in taking a tour to get into something new (and perhaps hold a certification in your hand) SAP Learning Hub seems to be a good place to archive this goals. Just make sure, how much time you will spend with learning hub. The price isn’t that cheap, that it doesn’t hurt if you don’t take all advantages.

My personal position will need some more month of experience to see, how much time my colleagues spend and what the effort in the end will be. I spend a lot of my available time here around SCN and I’m not willing to cut me some of this at the moment.

And I need to have a long planned journey available, which learning rooms are available at what time.

I don’t find any new document about it (and it wasn’t just me, that tried to find it).

Feel free to leave a comment or to add your personal statements about your experience.

Happy learning!


Here’s the direct way to the video.

PS: The headerline comes from a famous movie (The Good, the Bad and the Ugly – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia)

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  • Hi Florian

    Nice review write-up on the Learning Hub.

    Offline capability was on the future planning some time ago – to consume content using iPad (download courses to your iPad then I assume) and I believe that would add a lot of value.

    I’m using the Coursera app to consume MOOC content at the moment, traveling to work by train and I need the offline capability because I don’t have a decent internet connection available at those moments.

    I definitely agree with your point 4. For some courses, it’s not a problem but for other courses, it can be a problem that those hand-outs are too high level and when they are, they add little value versus what you can find online, in general.

    For point 6, yes, depending on the course, a different category can apply (1 or 2). There is a PDF document that lists:

    Best regards


  • SAP Learning Hub indeed is a very good asset, so thanks to bring that up. In my company we have N licence (which luckily one belongs to me).

    IMHO is one of the best things a company, specially consultancy, need to do, ensure the professionals had good sources of knowledge and access to it, unfortunately right now the best sources are SAP Press books (I’m talking about my areas, ABAP and CRM. If we talk about BRF+ the training material is good as the SAP Press book, so I guess will be exceptions like this one).

    OpenSAP offers a better quality trainings and a better user experience, so I gladly pay for it, than pay for SAP Learning Hub, uh, wait? Did I said OpenSAP is for free?

    At the end I would say SAP Learning Hub is good for companies, but not something I would recommend to freelances as the cost IMHO doesn’t worth it, I guess I expect better material from SAP, but as I said can’t generalize so would be cool if someone who have experience in other material share their thoughts.



    PD: I will launch an off topic reflexion, but I hope you understand my reason and support it in some way, the professionals/companies have the duty to keep their knowledge up to date in order to create a healthy competence, but SAP as software vendor, I believe has a major duty to ensure the standards and the how-to are spread in quality and in clear way so we don’t find custom workarounds because in the help/certification/training material exists gaps, don’t you think?

    • Yep,

      I share your thoughts.

      OpenSAP offers a high quality content for less for developers.

      As you said, I also think the quality might depend on the module /area. So hopefully someone with an other focus add some lines 🙂


  • Great review Florian, and nicely divided into individual features.

    From what I’ve heard the learning rooms will be opened up again (there was a first cycle in the spring) and stay open, in order to let everyone learn at his/her own pace. Last time I checked there were only a couple of them open, but I expect more and more will be added. Maybe Arnold Jung can clarify?!

    OK, just checked again, and there are already 6 of them. But still, we definitely need more 🙂 .

    With regards to point 4: the participant handout vs trainer handout: I’ve been a trainer of several courses and most of the extra information is about practicalities, for instance: which demos to execute when, what not to tell, etc. Not stuff that would benefit students very much. So the learning material definitely can use an overhaul. For instance by adding links, to guide students who want to know more about a specific topic.

    Access to the systems: this has to improve for the developer focused courses. And while I can understand that it might not overnight become free, this should be a mid term goal IMHO.

    An alternative would be to offer the training content (think packages BC400, BC401, etc for ABAP courses) in a transport (or whatever) for free download. People can then import the stuff into their own development system and do the exercises.

    Or make it standard available on all ABAP-based instances on the CAL (Cloud Appliance Library).

    Anyway, as long as it’s possible to do all the exercises on your own terms. It can’t be that hard SAP!

    Finally, about the cost. Full disclosure here: I’ve been given a free year long subscription to the full edition (no, not the systems 🙂 ) to assess SAP Learning Hub and give feedback to SAP.

    That said: at the moment being a freelance developer I wouldn’t pay the full price for the package. Reasons:

    • To much freely available content (think Open SAP, SCN tutorials, HANA Academy, etc)
    • No access to systems (unless you pay even more)
    • Training material could be better, and especially video content leaves much to be desired, compared to (for instance) Open SAP and other MOOC providers.
    • No offline access to stuff on my laptop.

    That said, once the last 3 points would see improvement, I might very well be prepared to pay for it (I’m not fundamentally against the idea of paying for good stuff that adds value 😆 ).

    Just my 2ct


    • Hi Fred,

      thank you for the very detailed answer and your view to it. The suggestion to add links with additional informations (could also be some links to good blogs/documents here in SCN 😉 ) is a great idea.


  • Great summary, thank you, Florian! We’ve also discussed getting Learning Hub subscription for our team but decided that ROI might be too low compared to other sources like SAP Press books of free content on SCN. Also we couldn’t find a way to get a list of the specific titles available, so it wasn’t very clear what we’d be getting for the money exactly. Either we didn’t spend enough time searching or the “Userinterface” (that’s exactly how it should be spelled 🙂 ) does not lend itself easily to such search tasks…

  • Hi Florian,

    many thanks for taking your time to write this blog and provide us your constructive feedback, which I will pass on to the SAP Learning Hub solution team for future enhancements.

    Regarding your comment about the online classroom handbooks I agree these are not ideal self-study tools but they are rather meant to be a reference resource to fill in some gaps that you may have. For the core SAP Certification tracks we provide a dual option, meaning we have both e-learning courses and the classroom handbooks. However, for some areas we do not always have an e-learning course equivalent available, as these are often time consuming and costly to produce with solutions changing frequently or some areas seeing less learner demand. That being said we are currently evaluating new learning formats that would sit somewhere in between the two. Your comment raises very valid points with regards to the additional solution & business context that typically an instructor provides in a classroom.

    One key area where you will start to see this instructor-provided context and knowledge will be the new Learning Rooms that we are just launching during August. After the successful pilot in Q1 2014 outlined in my earlier blog we are have now evolved this learning format and by end of August you will find 30 different Learning Rooms for different SAP Certifications as described in the updated version of my blog. By autumn we are aiming to have around 50 different Learning Rooms so hopefully something of value for everyone. These Learning Rooms will be always open so you can come in at any point in time and continue your learning or engage with other learners.

    Our instructors are creating a lot of interactive content “on-the-fly” for these Learning Rooms including videos, quizzes, blogs and live sessions that help you digest the extensive amount of detailed knowledge and provide you extra context outside the standard course content. The videos may not be of Hollywood studio quality but I promise you that our instructor’s humour, personality and knowledge will hopefully make up for that 🙂

    We are working closely with openSAP and you can see how these two offerings complement each other in this blog. SAP Education courses included in the SAP Learning Hub will help you deepen your knowledge and prepare for SAP Certification. You may not always require to be certified for your job-role so in that case openSAP may be sufficient. But being certified gets you other benefits such as access to a community of certified experts with additional benefits via SAP Credential Manager so it may be worthwhile in any case.

    Sorry to go on a bit but hopefully my comments provide a little bit more insight.

    Thanks again and happy learning!


    • Hi Arnold,

      thank you for your answer. That adds some useful information right now.

      As I mentioned in my blog, I think the learning rooms are at a very high level and I think all of us don’t want/need hollywood videos.

      So it is very ok to have nice “homemade” records 🙂

      To hold a certificat in your hand is always good, but I think it is hard to get to it just with the participant-handout. If there will be a lot of learning-rooms available and you can join at any time it might change my thinking about the point. So we will see 😎


  • Hi Florian,

    thank you for your good summary.

    I started one month ago with the SAP learning hub and generally I think it is a good thing because you have so much content available and you are very flexible.

    What in my opinion is really disappointing is that the content cannot be used offline. If you travel a lot, for example, there is many times no or only temporary internet access. But especially during those times it would be really practical to have the content (at least the handbooks) offline on my iPad. If you cannot ensure internet connectivity during all times, the SAP Press ebooks are a better way to learn more on SAP.

    It would be really interesting whether SAP has any plans on making content available offline in the near future…?



  • I must just have access to a limited version. Just been doing the eLearning NW001. It’s absolutely terrible!

    • It’s a rough combination of marketing material and technical facts.
    • Context is lacking
    • It jumps all over the place
    • Use jargon in confusing manner
    • I’d have learned more by reading a book about Netweaver
    • Oh and don’t get me started on the insulting Practice Simulations. I learned how to log in on the first one. I don’t need to practice logging in and scrolling on every simulation! 😡

    • Hi David,

      might be not the best start with Learning-Hub. It’s like everywhere else, there is better content and some bad content.

      Give it a second try with another course.

      Maybe you try

      just to see how it can work. I don’t know your course, but this one is really nice.

      Additional to that you can read some other reviews of LH and maybe you share a own blog about your experience 😉


      • Thanks, I’ll have to take a look.

        The main reason I took NW001 was because it was on my self-study certification list supplied by my employer. I think to actually understand Netweaver I’ll need to take some other courses or read other material about it.


  • The Handbook now after upgraded to Fiori UI is not user friendly at all (for example: In each page I have to zoom in) while in the older version the zoom was don once!.

  • Hi Florian,

    I found your blog via a google search.  I’m interested in SAP Learning HUB and wondered what is your feedback on it based on it’s capabilities in 2020 in comparison to what you stated back in 2014.  I’m looking to learn more about SAP Ariba Procurement and S/4 HANA in general.  I had previous experience as a user in SAP ERP 6.0 and loved it.  I’m looking to land a role either at SAP or at an organization as a user to improve their procurement efficiencies.  What would you suggest?

    All the best,


    • Uh oh.. that’s a great question. I still use SAPLearningHub a lot and love the concept. It has improved in several ways and is a great source to gain knowledge.

      I try to give a bigger update of my thinking in a new blog about the same topics, because it is to much to explain for a comment 😉

      Next to it, I would recommend you openSAP, that is a free plattform where you also find a lot stuff you can use for your purpose.

      I give you a link here, to make it a little easier to start:

      Just browse through the courses offered. I think there is a lot more than just the one I pasted here for you.