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Step-by-step Guide to setup ABAP on HANA with Eclipse

Step by Step guide to install ABAP on Eclipse for HANA Development

This blog describes how to install and update the front-end components of ABAP Development Tools (ADT) for SAP ABAP on HANA.

I’m writing this blog as I see many people have asked questions about ABAP Development tool on Eclipse. One can take different approaches within Eclipse to bring ABAP development tool and this is one such approach. This blog is suitable for anyone who seeks to start the ABAP Eclipse setup or those who need of such information.

I have also provided you with detailed screens on installation and how to configure ABAP back-end system for working with ADT to get you started. Hope you enjoy !!!

Here are some pre-requisites for ADT on Eclipse:

  • Java JRE version 1.6 or higher, 32-Bit or 64-Bit
  • SAP GUI (for Windows) 7.20 Patch Level 9 or above
  • One of the following OS you’ve access to:
    • Windows OS (XP*, Vista, or 7) 32- or 64-Bit, OR
    • Apple Mac OS X 10.6, Universal 64-Bit OR
    • Linux distribution (any)

Note: For purpose of this blog, the screens below are from Windows 7 64-BitOS


Get an Eclipse (I tried with Kepler 4.3 version running current at this time of blog) installed. I downloaded a 64-bit Kepler version (based on my laptop OS) from the below location. (If you have already tried with other Eclipse versions e.g., Juno … no problem, it should still work!!!)


  • Install the Kepler Eclipse downloaded by running the executable (Pretty simple and straight forward) .
  • Post installation of Kepler eclipse, you need to install the Eclipse plug-in software to enable for ABAP development.


1. install.JPG

Choose add and provide the location of the ABAP Development Tools:

2. Add.JPG

3. Locate.JPG

Click Ok. (You should have access to Internet to the above location for downloading packages at this point of time)

You should see the below screen now:

4. Confirm.JPG

You can choose only ABAP Development tools (ADT). I have additionally chosen UI5 tools as well.

5. Install.JPG

Clicking Next, You will be asked to accept the license agreement. On accepting, you should see as below:

6. Install2.JPG

After successful installation completion, you should get additional ADT topics in the overview screen as below:

7. Installed.JPG

Installation is now completed. You should get ABAP perspective (Menu: Window –> Open Perspective –> Other – Choose ABAP)

                                             9. Perspective.JPG

Now, proceed to configure the backend. Make sure you have SAP GUI with required version (7.20 Patch level 9 or above) is available.

There is a dependency for re-use in ABAP for Eclipse as you see below.

Configure SAP Backend for development

Click File –> New ABAP Project

10. Add SAP.JPG

All the systems are listed from your SAP Logon Pad.

Choose and provide the credentials with the client information to login and fetch the technical development objects.

The hierarchy starting with package and the objects library consisting of Dictionary objects, Classes, FMs, all of them are fetched and displayed and you can choose any of them and continue working just like your ABAP workbenches (most of the functionalities are availble in Eclipse)

11. ABAP EDitor.JPG

Enjoy the new Eclipse development !!

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  • Thanks for this detailed description of the installation process.

    Maybe you also want to share your experiences with the Feature Explorer?


    Kind Regards,


  • /
    • Thanks, in my view, the Eclipse just brings up most of the SAP GUI screens itself, so as a developer one will not have a deep learning curve. In addition most controls work as it works in se38/se80 screens. One will also find it useful, when we do a code push down to ABAP writing more database stored procedure, it will help managing it in single screen.- – Senthil

  • Great guide and it worked perfectly initially (yesterday 31.07.2014) and I was able to selecct ABAP under Perspective->Other.


    Today, however, when I open HANA Studio all the ABAP options are gone!


    I tried to repeat the install process once more, but now I errors. Do you have any idea how to proceed best? Thanx in advance.


    Log (01.08.2014):


    Cannot complete the install because of a conflicting dependency.

      Software being installed: SAP HANA Administration (Developer Edition) 1.81.3 ( 1.81.3)

      Software currently installed: SAP HANA Studio (

      Only one of the following can be installed at once:

        SAP HANA Studio – Base Model (

        SAP HANA Studio – Base Model 1.81.3 ( 1.81.3)

      Cannot satisfy dependency:

        From: SAP HANA Administration (Developer Edition) 1.81.3 ( 1.81.3)

        To: [1.81.3]

      Cannot satisfy dependency:

        From: SAP HANA Studio Administration 1.81.3 ( 1.81.3)

        To: 1.0.0

      Cannot satisfy dependency:

        From: SAP HANA Studio – Administration Feature (

        To: []

      Cannot satisfy dependency:

        From: SAP HANA Studio – Foundation 1.81.3 ( 1.81.3)

        To: [1.81.3]

      Cannot satisfy dependency:

        From: SAP HANA Studio (

        To: []

    • Welcome to Eclipse !!!


      There is a conflict with the HANA studio. Do you have HANA studio installed too?


      Try starting with Step #2 from above ie., Help –> Install new software within Kepler version of Eclipse. When you start the kepler, please check if you already see the ABAP perspective, if not you can always install the updates providing the update site (at Work with) as


      Let me know how this works.




      • Thank you Senthil for answering. Yes I have HANA Studio installed and before I proceed like you suggest in your answer I would like to clarify another issue.


        My Studio version is 48, but I need 80. When I try the update (as described in ‘SAP_HANA_Studio_Installation_Update_Guide_en’) I get the message: “No updates”. On the other hand on this location SAP | HANA Developer Edition I see that need version 80 is available.


        One solution would be to uninstall and reinstall HANA Studio, but considering that I would then also have to go through the whole process of reinstalling Eclipse and any other ‘installed software’ manually this seems really like too much.


        What do you recommend? It surely must be possible to get the HANA Studio update to work properly, or?

        • The ABAP Perspective is from Eclipse Kepler. You can uninstall HANA studio and go with Eclipse Kepler (see above Downloads section above) to get the ABAP Perspective. This should meet your requirement to develop UI5 as well.

          I think you got mix-up with Hana Studio and Eclipse Kepler.

          • There are so many tools out there that I am a bit lost.


            My objective is to to develop in SAP HANA directly, but I also need the ability to consume views with ABAP.


            What do I need HANA Studio for? Can Eclipse do everything that HANA Studio can?


            Do I need to install the SAP GUI as indicated by you above? If yes, how can I download it without an S-user?

          • I could understand the confusion and this is usual only. One thing you need to know is technically it is all ONE platform. Technically all are eclipse, the key is you need to have ABAP on HANA (writing DB procedures) and HANA Tools need to be installed. For this I started of with Kepler and it worked. In fact I have HANA studio also installed, so both can (and will) co-exist (although you need to choose different workspaces for better management). Go ahead start afresh installation uninstalling Hana studio. Yes, you need to have SAP GUI installed, because this is required for ABAP editor to be displayed in Eclipse. Trust this helps! Cheers

          • Thank you for your anwer. Do you know how I can download the SAP GUI without an S-user?




            how I can get an S-user in order to download the SAP GUI?

          • Thanx for the hint and the link. In order to apply for an S-user it still seems as if you have to be a SAP customer. I am developing on my own installation of AWS HANA and hence have no customer/partner number and cannot apply through the link you provided


            … that is unless you know something I do not.

          • Hi Martin,


            easiest way (and no S-User is needed) is to download a “naked” Eclipse Kepler from the Eclipse Site and afterwards add the needed Plug-Ins from this site SAP Development Tools for Eclipse


            Here you can get the latest HANA Studio and ABAP Development Tools (and even more).


            Hope this helps.





  • Hi Senthil,

    Nice blog, I have a question , if I wnated to consume HANA based service in SAP ABAP , what is the setup I need? is it similar to what you have mentioned above?


    I need to consume some data from HANA system and used it on ABAP report. If you could give some thought around this topic that would be  agreat help.


    Specific to :

    what is the version of SAP NW ABAP , Eclipse and HANA Studio I shoud ahve



    • Dear Krishna,

      In fact you call choose also the HANA studio parts when you install ADT into your eclipse.

      You can then access both HANA directly as well as ABAP from the same eclipse.


      How to consume the HANA based service in ABAP depends on the kind of service of service. Starting with ABAP 740 SP05 we recommend CDS Views and AMDP (ABAP Managed Database Procedures) to access HANA specific services.


      The HANA studio version should be the same as the HANA database. ADT can always be the newest version as it checks the features of each connected ABAP backend.


      Best Regards, Thomas

      • Dear Thomas,


        As per this blog, we should have SAP GUI 7.2 with patch 9 installed in our system to access the server and write ABAP programs. Same way, should we have something like HANA Studio/Client installed to access them ? I am a beginner. Please guide.


        Thanks and Regards,


  • Hello Senthil,


    Thanks for nice blog. I have installed Eclipse Luna and created the Hana Instance from AWS.  As configuration is required in Eclipse, for Hana and SAP GUI. Currently i do not have SAP. Can you suggest, any link to download SAP GUI, which can be used with Eclipse and steps for linking AWS & Eclipse.

    Appreciate if you can provide any information on this.




    • @Amrit

      You can also manually define projects in Eclipse Luna to use AWS HANA instance.


      Refer this link if you need more details. I’m not sure if it is yet supported for Luna, but you can check. Hope this helps.




  • hi senthil


    Nice Document hleped in double checking my installation.


    I have installed Hana studio latest then added the ADT.


    I could create a CDS View and also wrote a report trying to execute that view.


    But it throws an error cx_salv_dbtable_not_supported


    what could be the issue


    thanks and regards


    • Arun


      I do not have full details from the above posting, but one thing I can see here is about your scenario.


      This is a database NOT supported message. There are some scenarios that are specific to DB, for e.g., in your case the underlying database is not supported for the ALV operation you’re performing. please check..


      Good luck !

  • Hi Senthil,


         I have followed all the above mentioned steps but while configuring the SAP backend for ABAP development I have selected the system and provided the credentials with the client information to login, I got following error:

    ” Logon to system failed (System does not support Eclipse-based ABAP Development Tools)”.


    Please help me with this.



    • Hi

      Unfortunately, Eclipse needs some minimum versions to connect, please check your system version.

      Your backend ECC ABAP should be 7.03/ 7.31 SP4 (SAP_ABA, SAP_BASIS comps) and above please check your system–>status, good luck!!

  • Hi,

         Thank you for the reply.

    I have 1 doubt regarding back end system.

    Do we need dual stack system (java and ABAP) or will it work on ECC ABAP system only.

    • Hi,


      there is no need for teh Java Stack in your system. The stuff described here is working in an ABAP ECC standalone system. But please be aware that there are some requitrements concerning the Netweaver release of the ABAP stack




  • Hi Senthil,


    Excellent documentation. I had all the setup and the tools ready but couldn’t figure out a way where I could connect to the ECC through Eclipse.


    One quick question, in the above steps, only when we create a new ABAP project is it prompting for the connection and the system. Is it possible to permanently establish the connection somewhere? Also, instead of creating a new ABAP Project, is it possible to open some existing ABAP reports on the ECC system?


    One more doubt, slightly off topic, in the same way, can we also connect to the ECC system to develop Fiori apps? If so, is it also through the ABAP perspective and what else tools do we need to download from the SAP link?


    Thanks a lot in advance.




    George Abraham

    • Hi George


      Connectivity to ECC is via Eclipse project as the same tool (from a larger development view) Eclipse can be used for multiple development (UI5, ABAP, etc.,).

      The reason it is prompting for connection and system and why we cannot store it is also same.

      Secondly, you can open all your existing ABAP development objects in ECC system as once you’re connected to ECC system ADT brings up the entire
      SAP GUI to your use, you can even execute tcodes just like as if you’re in SAP GUI.


      On Fiori, the UI5 shell component and Gateway has to be enabled in ECC system (pre-req. for deploying Fiori apps). For development, you can use the same ADT tool and open a different project type (UI5 Application Development) in Eclipse.


      Hope this clarifies..


      Good luck !

      Senthil Muthuvelu

  • Hi All,


    Eclipse is already installed in my system. But I am unable to access my backend system.


    For normal log on I need to enter my token number and RSA is activated in GUI. And also ” Maximum settings available” option is on.


    So are there any settings in ECLIPSE for logging in using Token?


    Thanks in Advance.




    • Hi Praveen


      Follow the same procedure, login using the RSA in normal logon pad, then access Eclipse.. there is no settings in Eclipse /plugin to access RSA token..  Because RSA is only a VPN connectivity to establish network connection.. so as long as you access Network and the backend, it should work..  Cheers Senthil !

  • Thanks for sharing.

    But after I install all the software, when I try to connect the sap logon (EGD system). but it say EGD did’t support the eclipse.

    My sap gui is 730

  • Thanks for sharing.

    But after I install all the software, when I try to connect the sap logon (EGD system). but it say EGD did’t support the eclipse.

    My sap gui is 730

  • /
  • hi senthil

          i already done with installation of abap and ui5 in eclipse but i don’t have sap logon credentials so for credentials where i have to register plz help me..




  • /
    EclipsABAP Error.png
  • Hi Senthil,


    It’s really a nice blog and I made it successfully according to it.

    I got a question what’s difference between AiE and directly logon via GUI?




  • Hello,


    i need to install Eclipse with ADT on a lot of machine. Eclipse itselfs runs fine from a shared folder, but every single user on every computer needs to download and install ADT by itself. Thus blocking our Internet with massive bandwidth consumption and destroying a lot of work time.

    Could you please tell me how to set up the ADT-repository inside the network or how to deploy a complete install of Eclipse (together with ADT)?


    Thank you a lot. Im working on this problem now for a lot of time and didn’t get a working result. Last i tried was the dropins-folder, but that doens’t worked also, maybe i missed some.

      • Thank you Thomas ,


        I  followed  the  instructions  in  the link you provided  .

        The prerequisite and the procedures are right .  When I try to get the hana  studio plugin , it will popup a dialogue ,saying that “Unable to connect to repository content.xml  org.eclipse.equinox.p2.core.ProvisionException ” .


        So  I am  confused .




        • Hi Jessica,

          you should switch to Eclipse Neon und use the /…./Neon Updatesite.

          In parallel I will clarify what’s wrong with Mars Updatesite.




          • Dear Thomas,


            Ok, I just tried  that Neon is ok , Mars does not work  in the same machine . Thank you Thomas.


            I have a task on mars recently , so kindly ask you  to  tell me about the solution to mars .


            Million thanks


            Regard Jessica

          •    Dear  Thomas ,


            Yeah, I must test a  special  feature of  hana on mars .


            I know that there is another way to get hana studio plugin , but I do not understand the meaning of  each  word .

            it says that ” If you have a HANA server running and the HANA XS engine has been enabled ,specify the update site location with http://<host>/sap/hana/studio .This will download the plugin tools from your HANA server ” ,which quoted from url ,http://startup .


            It  is  strange that I tried every possible directory , They can’t  obtain hana studio plugin either .


            So , what’s  the meaning of ‘/sap/hana/studio’ ?


            Do  you know that ?


            Thank you Thomas




          • Jessica, I think what Thomas is saying can’t you switch to use Eclipse Neon instead of Mars. I have the same problem in the pass downloading it. Someday I can download and some days I can’t. Can you check your company firewall and work with your network folks to have fully open for that site just to test the connection ? If it works then slowly tighten up your network security. Also, on your internet browser, did you allowed the mars site for download? Good luck



          • Dear Steve ,


            I have  checked the issues that you suggested .


            Today , I  just find why  my mars eclipse can’t do  the same thing . On  mars eclipse  Active Provider in Network Connections configuration   is set as  manual , while on neon is set as  native . After I  changed this configuration on mars  , it can obtain hana studio plugin successfully .


            Thank you  for the tips .




          • Dear   Thomas ,


            Here I want to  give you  a  good news  of me . I retrieve the studio plugin successfully on mars now !

            It happens  after I change the Active Provide in Network Connections  to ‘native’ , instead  of ‘manual’ .


            Ah, what’s the difference between them ?




          • Hi Jessica,


            that’s what the Eclipse Help says about the possible “Active Provider” options:


            Specifies the settings profile to be used when opening connections. Choosing the Direct provider causes all the connections to be opened without the use of a proxy server. Selecting Manual causes settings defined in Eclipse to be used. On some platforms there is also a Native provider available, selecting this one causes settings that were discovered in the OS to be used.


            Regards, Felix

          • Thank you Felix ,


            I am quite clear now .  I guess something is wrong with  the proxy  setting .


            Thank you all . You are so kind .




  • Can someone help me with these errors:


    An internal error occurred during: “ABAP occurrence markers”.


    An internal error has occurred.

    Could not initialize class org.eclipse.ui.internal.progress.ProgressInfoItem

    An internal error has occurred.

    Could not initialize class org.eclipse.ui.internal.progress.ProgressInfoItem






    I have the error ”

    An internal error occurred during: “ABAP occurrence markers”.


    java.vendor=SAP AG
    BootLoader constants: OS=win32, ARCH=x86_64, WS=win32, NL=en_US
    Command-line arguments:  -os win32 -ws win32 -arch x86_64
    Wed May 16 08:13:48 CDT 2018
    An internal error occurred during: “ABAP occurrence markers”.

    java.lang.NoSuchFieldError: annotationDefs



    Any help would be appreciated.