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SAP Fiori – SAP Fiori launchpad troubleshooting

Please feel free to update this document and share your findings and tips.

After you have updated UI_Add-on, please double check following points.

1. Double check the latest SP and mandatory notes.

2. Make sure that you have configured the launchpad

3. Clear metadata cache

4. Clear local browser cache

      This is very important.

5. Clear the server side caches

      SAP Fiori – Cache Management

6. Test without Custom Theme. Theme should be rebuilt.

     First, test launchpad without custom theme. You should see deep blue background color.


     If it works fine, rebuild your custom theme and test.

     Rebuilding Themes after Upgrades – User Interface Add-On for SAP NetWeaver – SAP Library

7. Synchronize chip cache

     Run the report /UI2/CHIP_SYNCHRONIZE_CACHE. Make sure there is no error in the table /UI2/CHIP_CHDR

     Run the report /UI2/DELETE_CACHE_AFTER_IMP.

      1942166 – Problems with CHIP-XML in Pagebuilder Service

8. If you still get “Unable to load groups” error, re-activate the OData services

     Fiori Launchpad Error: Failure – Unable to load groups Resolved!!!!

9. If 1-8 steps did not help, Check troubleshooting steps

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      • Hi Masa,

        Thanks for your tips. We just upgrade to UI SP09 and have error message “Failed to load groups” in lanuchpad.

        Now, I follow your tips from step 1 to 8. Launchpad is working fine now! 🙂

        • Hi,

          I did the exact same above steps 1-8 (Applied so many notes 🙁 ) and then everything as mentioned.

          Still getting the error ‘Failure – Unable to load group’.

          Can’t think of anything clever to look further, please kindly help if you recall something else?

          Masa, Any advise? Have been really struggling to make this work so far and somehow looks like something has still been unlooked though I have been very meticulous and careful to execute all of the above steps.

          And at last when the above steps didn’t work, due to the desperation, tried the suggestion of Golo Maichel from thread FIORI: Launchpad – Failure – Unable to load groups

          Golo Maichel wrote:


          we had the same error and fixed it by deleting the OData-Services and reconfigure them again:

          Transaction /IWFND/MAINT_SERVICE

          Select service ZINTEROP, delete SICF-Nodes (left bottom side), delete systemalias (right bottom side) and (important!) click again on ZINTEROP and choos “delete service”.

          After that “add service”, select your Systemalias, click “get services”, choose /UI2/INTEROP and click “add selected services”.

          We also had to to this procedure for the service “ZTRANSPORT” and “ZPAGE_BUILDER_*”

          Good Luck!

          Like other I had also upgrade to EHP7 & UI to SP09, after which started getting the Fiori launchpad error. Any help is truly appreciated.

          Thanks in advance,


      • Hi Masa,

        I have the same issue after upgrading to SP09. I tried to rebuild the themes, but the theme designer is totally blank with messy code in Console tab…

      • Dear Masayuki,

        Hope you are good!! The blog is very helpful. Thank you so much for the blog.

        I have issue with custom app. I have a custom app with single page(view). The view is having a background image. When run the app, it is working fine and also showing image.

        My concern is, when I deploy the custom app to sap fiori launchpad, it does not show the image. How to fix the issue? Pls suggest me….

        Waiting for your reply.

        Thanks and Regards,


  • Hi Masa,

    after SP09 we’re unable to see any entries for catalog in launchpad designer (hangs on with text “loading”) however .groups are loaded but when I double on groups nothing happens as well (nothing opens in right hand side). I went over your troubleshooting steps for no avail. Do you have a suggestion for checking as a starting point?

    Best regards,


      • Hi Berkin,

        Implemented the note 2051051, and the SAPUI5 library is now 1.22.5, but still “Unable to load groups”.

        So I think using theme designer to rebuild themes is necessary?



        • Hi Chloe,

          I believe it is necessary if you are using a custom theme, otherwise SAP’s own themes cannot be rebuilt. Did you also implement the other 20 notes mentioned in note 2051051? Those notes actually solved our problem.

          Hope it helps.



          • Hi Berkin,

            I’ve implemented all notes mentioned in note 2051051, and I’m using the default blue crystal.I guess I have to figure out the theme designer issue first cause it’s totally blank.

            I’ve also tried the theme designer HANA trial edition.However, nowhere to configure launchpad URL and publish the custom theme.Strange… 😕

            Anyway,thank you very much for your suggestion!


      • Hi Berkin,

        I am also the same issue as you of launchpad designer. Not able to create any new catalog. catalog search showing only loading text and groups are loaded but with nothing on the right hand side.

        Before applying 2051051, did you apply any other note mentioned in the top list.

  • Hi

    Thanks for the detailed article.

    we have installed SP09. Now do all these notes I need to install manually one by one?

    or is there any central note for them?


  • Hi Masa,

    We are working on the old launchpad. So it is compulsory to install new launchpad to continue the work, because we are almost in the mid of the project.


  • Hi all,

    I have error “NaN” is of type number, expected int for property “counter” of Element sap.m.StandardListItem#__item1-__xmlview0–catalogList-0″.

    Any ideas how to resolve?

  • Hi Masayuki Sekihara,

    In my “Admin view” for Fiori, Intent Mapping window of Create Target Mapping is not appearing. So we applied the Note 2047349 — ( Hotfix 1.22.3 for UI AddOn SP09 SC: UI2_SRVC), Now we are having issues in accessing the Admin view for Fiori Launchpad. Catalog is keep on loading and not able to add new catalog. What could be the exact issue and what exact mandatory notes we need to implement to work the admin page as expected for SAPUI version 9 ??

    My sap_ui component version is 740   0009


  • Hello Sekihara-san,

    Thank you for the detailed guide!

    Thanks to this guide, I finally got catalog list on Launchpad Designer!

    Although I couldn’t apply latest patch 22 because of upload error but applied patch 21 and about 10 notes and resolved.

    Still, catalogs are not show in Japanese, I’ll continue to investigate…

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    Thanks, Mike (Moderator)

    SAP Technology RIG

  • Hi Masayuki,

    I just helped myself out of trouble with the launchpad using the transactions

    • /UI2/FLC – Fiori Launchpad Checks
    • /UI2/FLIA – Fiori Launchpad Intent Analyis

    You may add them to section two of your troubleshooting guide.

    For those using these transactions don’t expect a fiori UX. The error indicator is the first column and the text with error details is on the right end of the table (you would need to scroll through numerous columns). But you can save a custom default layout for the grid to have the relevant information at hand. 😉

    Best Regards,


  • Hi 

    Great blog and a good reference page.

    Please can you also add and link OSS Note 2269272  for when you get the “Reference Lost” in the Launchpad Designer.  I know it’s not technically the Launchpad, but as a one stop shop for trouble shooting and fixing Fiori Issues – it may help someone else…

  • Hi Masayuki.

    Thanks for very advice.

    We are using Fiori launchpad, we have problem to attach (all kind) of document to Fiori launchpad.

    From  Fiori launchpad,  when we find the document that we want to attach. The document can be from (client, pc or server or ….) . When we push attach the document : there is nothing happened.

    We get no error massages, and the document will not be attach.

    I can not find any error or I donot know where should I look for error.

    We need to attach this document for over customers in Fiori launchpad.

    I hope you can help us with this.







  • Hi Masayuki,

    First and foremost.

    Thank you for the very helpful blog.

    It was only now that I read it and is trying to learn Fiori.

    I still don’t get to see the target mapping tile.

    I executed all the steps you mentioned and still can’t figure why.

    I found this gateway error and not sure if this is the real cause.

    Hope to get feedback/comment from you.




  • Hi Masayuki

    I have bunch of KPIs built using CDS Views+Lumira designer. They are assigned to few groups such as “Finance KPIs”, “Logistic KPIs” etc. In each group there are several KPIs, so when you click to a group it runs all the tiles/KPIs under each group. Since I don’t use KPI Modeler, there is no “KPI Preview” option for each tile, hence there is no reason to run ALL KPIs under each group UNLESS the individual tiles have been clicked. Is there a way to configure each tile to be executed only when it’s clicked?



    • Dear Masayuki,


      we have doing implementation of SAP Fiori(SAP Netweaver 740) with SAP ECC 6.0 EHP 7(Back End Server).


      Configuration on SAP Fiori Front End System(NetWeaver 740) when i am accessing Administrator panel “http://ip address:8000/sap/bc/ui5_ui5/sap/arsrvc_upb_admn”

      i have get login page but coming error “No switch to HTTPS occurred, so it is not secure to send a password
      Client, name, or password is not correct; log on again”



      Please guide us regarding this error.