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PPM Resources (Business Partners) – Different ways of creation

In PPM-Project Management, project roles are staffed with resources and here business partners represents resources. So technically as far as PPM is concerned, business partners are the resources for the project. These business partners can be your internal resource or external resource required for the project. Business partners contains general information such as name, address, email id etc., with availability, location, qualifications etc. also.

Resources are classified as internal or external based on the business partner roles attached to the business partner(BP). For PPM, following business partner roles are applicable

  1. Business Partner (General)
  2. Employee
  3. Resource


And there are many ways for creating these business partners for PPM. Following are the different ways-

  1. Creation of business partner in PPM application (Manual)  – Details with link will be posted shortly
  2. Creation of business partners in SAP backend system (Manual) – Details with link will be posted shortly
  3. Creation of business partners through HCM integration (Automatic) –  Link –PPM – HCM Integration with Business Partners
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