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SAP Business Objects 3.X – DeskI/Webi Reporting – Error Refreshing Document: “No data to fetch”

This document helps in what to do if you received a “No data to fetch” error when refreshing a Business Objects DeskI or Webi document.


This error does not always conclude to a problem, but that there was no data matching the selection criteria for one (or more) of the data providers in the report. With report documents with multiple queries, some will not always have data (i.e. encumbrances). In these report documents, the name of the data provider will also be included in the error message.

     This can be corrected by one or more of the following actions:

  • In most cases changing the values of the prompts entered will correct this issue.
  • Measure Values  should be entered without spaces or dashes
  • Do not enter multiple values with a semi-colon at the end (enters a null value into the list of values)
  • Date Values like Months  should be entered with a two digit month (i.e. January is 01)
  • Dates should be entered with full 4-digit years
  • It is also possible that the query conditions need to change to:
  • Update existing constant values (consider changing these with prompts)
  • Check for incorrectly formatted constants
  • Check for mutually exclusive conditions (where data cannot be equal to both conditions at the same time)
  • Check for conditions that might exclude all the required data
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  • Hi,

    strictly speaking, this is not an error, but a warning 🙂

    one of the simplest ways of validating this fact to a customer, is to copy & paste the SQL syntax and paste it into an sql editor/parser local to the DB sytem.  Run it there, no data is returned either.