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Author's profile photo Mariano Cabalen

Debug a CIF

This document explains how we can debug the CIF at PO, when the data is sent from ECC to APO.

In this example, we are debugging the CIF for Materials. Same process can be applied to all the iModel objetcs.

1- SMQ2: Inbound Queue at APO

Check that there are no entries using SMQ2 at APO side:



2- SMQR: Deregister queues at APO side

In APO, go to transaction SMQR. Select Queue name CF* and press Deregistration:



Note the the Type U is displayed. This means that the Queue is Deregistred:


3- CMF1: Create Integration Model

Go to transaction CFM1 at ECC side and create an Integration Model for Materials. It is recommended to work with a single materials in order to make easier the debug:


Generate the IModel:


4- CFM2: Activate or Deactivate Integration Model

Use CFM2 at ECC side to activate the IModel:


Select the entry, press Activate and Start:


A pop up will appear confirming that the queue is deregistred. Press Ignore


5- SMQ2: Inbound Queue at APO

Now we are ready to debug the CIF.

Open a new APO session and go to transaction SMQ2 at APO:


Click twice on the queue name as many times as needed still the debug option is displayed:



Press the botton with the red arrow to start the debug:


Done… the ABAP debugger appears:


6- SMQR: Register queues at APO side

Once the debug is done, remember to Register the APO queues:




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      Author's profile photo Babu Kilari
      Babu Kilari

      Hello Mariano,

      You don't need to de-register and register the queue scheduler again to debug a CIF queue. All you need to do is to set an entry in CFC2 transaction in ECC side which will make the queue to stop in APO Inbound in NOEXEC status. You can then pick that entry and debug the LUW. You don't need to perform all the steps mentioned above. This is my opinion. If you want to debug the queues from APO, you need to set an entry for your user id in /SAPAPO/C4 transaction code. Try it out.

      Author's profile photo Mariano Cabalen
      Mariano Cabalen
      Blog Post Author

      Thanks Babu Kilari for your comments.

      I have seen in some threads that this can be done in CFC2, but I was not able to do it. CFC2 was set locked for modifications, at least in the last three companies in which I was working for. 

      Author's profile photo Babu Kilari
      Babu Kilari

      Hello Mariano,

      Perhaps, it is something to do with authorization ? Did you set the option as "R" - Recording in CFC2 t-code with your user id ?  Perhaps, you could try it out in your test box. The key advantage with this CFC2 is you can work with your own queue instead of stopping all the queues in the system which helps a lot in production environment.

      Babu Kilari

      Author's profile photo Mariano Cabalen
      Mariano Cabalen
      Blog Post Author

      CFC2 can only be run by the System administrator. I can ask the corresponing team to make entry for my user, but this should be done thru a change request which it takes more time than my procedure. Of course, I can not deregistred the CIF in production.. In case the CIF needs to be debug in a production system I would do what you propose.