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Configuring Standard Report Launchpads In Portal

In this Blog I will try to cover steps based on my experience for configuring Report Launchpad’s from Portal end, delivered with New business packages which uses ABAP launch pads for showing report links (Bex queries, Dashboards etc.) into standard delivered/Custom portal contents for EHSM, SRM, HR Admin,, ESS, MSS, LSO and many more,I  have not gone in details regarding basic technical configurations done in Portal like system object creation and SSO as lot of information is available on SCN for configuration of the same.

While configuring the above business packages on Portal, important aspect is most of the standard reporting contents are delivered through Report Launchpad’s which are configurable in LPD_CUST transaction of backend/ECC ,Most of the Reports utilizes corresponding BI java system for rendering and pulls up the data from the Master BI ABAP system.

Initially I faced lot of issues with running these standard reports from Portal as did not found much information on configuration of those from Portal side like what type of system object is required, does it require BI ABAP system object or BI java system object etc.

Some issues like service not found while running the reports from Portal as reports were supposed to be executed from BI java, but they were getting executed from BI abap as i created the system object of BI abap with the given System Alias in Launchpad but it should have been BI java system object.

I thought putting my experience in this Blog to provide a small help to others who might be facing these issues in configuring the similar type of scenarios.

In this Blog I am only covering Portal Admin related configurations, configurations related with BI ABAP report authorizations, activations, LPD_CUST and ECC authorizations are out of scope for this Blog.

Following are the steps which need to be executed to configure the Report Launchpad’s from Portal end.

1) Prerequisites : In order to run the standard Launchpad reports from Standard or Custom roles from Portal as a prerequisite their BI ABAP configurations should be in place like reports/dashboards should be activated and other BI related configuration should be in place ,User should exist in systems and have proper Authorizations in BI ABAP,ECC and BI java system. Administrator must have knowledge and understanding of ABAP Launchpad concept. For configuring reports to be executed from BI java, system should be present and configured for BI master system.

2) Once prerequisites are fulfilled there is need to identify which type of BI system we have to create in Portal and its system alias name. To identify that first
we have to check in the Report launchpad what type of configuration is done for the standard reports and dashboards.

From Portal role we can identify the Role and instance of the Launchpad being called from the application parameter passed in iView property, once we have the role and instance name of the Launchpad being called, we can go to LPD_CUST and search the Report Launchpad in question. After finding the relevant report Launchpad an analysis is required of its configuration, we can pick up any report or dashboard and check how it’s being configured in the Launchpad, if their specified version is SAP BW 2.x/3.x ,that means they supposed to get rendered from BI abap master system, if in the configuration their version is given like SAP BI Net weaver 7.x that means they supposed to get rendered from BI java system. Once we have identified this we need to create the system object in Portal based on this information, either BI abap system or BI java system or both depending on the requirement. System alias used are also defined in the Launchpad configurations we have to create the system object with these alias only  as given in Launchpad configurations of reports and dashboards in Portal.

3) If reports supposed to be rendered and executed from BI abap system then we have to create a BI abap system object depending on the system landscape either use Load balancer or dedicated application server system template to create the system object and give the system Alias same as configured for the reports in the standard or custom Launchpad’s. User should have proper authorizations to execute the reports in BI abap system also user should exist in ECC system and have relevant authorization for the standard role for the particular module like EHSM,LSO,MSS etc. as these Launchpad’s are shipped in ECCwith the standard EHSM,SRM and HR contents.

4) If reports are supposed to get rendered from BI java system then we have to create system object in Portal for BI java, and provide the same system alias which is given in Launchpad configurations of reports and Dashboards in LPD_CUST transaction,

Initially i was unsure on what type of system object i will be using for creating BI java system in portal as no standard SAP help material i found on SCN on this topic. Did some research on SCN and based on some threads i concluded that i can create a system object of type dedicated server or load balance server and i have to just populate the Web application server properties like WAS host name and Protocol to create a BI java system object in portal, i gave logical name as <SID>CLNT000 in system object properties and populated the BI java server url in WEB as host name and specified the protocol.

Next step was establishing trust between portal and BI java system, after performing it BI java system is ready for executing the Launchpad reports from portal.

Important point to note is User must exist in Portal, Bi java (No additional roles needed on Bi java server) and BI abap server and have proper authorizations in place for this scenario to work properly.

These are the basic steps which need to be taken care of while configuring report Launchpad’s based on ABAP Launchpad from Portal end. I hope this blog will help people like me who are configuring this scenario for the first time.

Happy reading, Comments and suggestions are welcome 🙂

Some Reference links:

Portal System Object Properties – Web AS – Portal – SCN Wiki

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