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Main process in SAP LSO (Part 2- Business Event catalog)

Business Event Catalog contain the following concepts:

  • Create and plan business event dates
  • Schedule business event dates
  • Cancel business events date
  • Allocate resources
  • Manage resources
  • Lock resources
  • Determine demand for events
  • Calculate business event costs and propose prices / Budget function
  • ….

In the next step we must to create and schedule business event dates for the event types in the catalog. You must also reserve the required resources for the events you create (If you want to plan about required resources)

7-26-2014 12-00-14 PM.jpg

7-26-2014 2-40-48 PM.jpg

When we want to create individual business event dates in the dynamic business event menu. We have 2 options:

  • Create events with resources type – In this case we can to allocate resource type to the course.

8-6-2014 1-34-10 PM.jpg

And we can get the resources have already been allocated for the period

8-6-2014 1-36-04 PM.jpg

  • Create without reserving resources

7-26-2014 2-43-41 PM.jpg

LSO_PSV2 – This T-Code enables you to:

  • create courses with or without resources
  • view entire course menu.

7-26-2014 2-50-29 PM.jpg

  • Internal business event is an event that your company is responsible for organizing
  • External business event is organized by a third-party organizer.
  • firmly booked when you change the status to firmly booked, you can send out definite confirmations. Once a business event is in firmly booked status, you cannot change it back to planned status.
  • Planned: If you create a course with the status planned, you must change its status to firmly booked, this is necessary so that follow-up processing can be done.
  • Locked: When you Locking a course means you are restricting the bookings on that particular course. You can lock both internal and external business events in both planned and firmly booked status.
  • Course Location: In this field you assign locations to business events when you create the events.It is held the course. It is mandatory to set up locations, but you can deactivate the use of locations generally in the step Business event location switch. If you deactivate this switch, input in the Location fields is not mandatory.

       for more information about this switch refer to the following document:

  • Training Provider : Is the company, person, Organization unit or customer that held the coerces.
  • Internal / External Price : If you want to determine a price for the course, you can use the price proposal. You can use an internal price for internal activity allocation purposes and an external price for billing.

7-27-2014 3-34-00 PM.jpg

After that done Course date, you canto display / change the date and in the next step can book / Pre book / change … participant for courses

7-27-2014 3-36-37 PM.jpg

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