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Welcome to my BIF.

I would like to thank SCN for providing a platform for apply my skill.

Before introducing myself I would like to thank Moshe Naveh for his innovative idea of BIF, which made all the SCN members together in one place and know about each other, share one’s experiences.

About me:

I am Perggi Luyo. I think is uncommon name, Thanks to my parents who heard him out of a novel.. So shortly everyone will call me Lu, for my last name. My close friends call me Lu.

I was born in Perú, Lima. I studied electronic and, i practiced in aerolineas Cielos del Perú. I Liked the aviation, I had many ideas. I was so motivated to study these ideas in another career the engineering of systems, which provided me with a wider world. It is there where I kno,  SAP.

I worked in IBM Perú for two years, now, am working as consulting in CSTI corp.


My interests:

Now, my social networking site is SCN. I am spending most of the time in SCN. Almost addicted to SCN.  i need learn a lot.

My goal is to start a project involving SAP with aviation, and improve performance and  maintenance quality in the aeroplanes.

I have many ideas about that, I feel very motivated. I am a girl, who likes challenges, and to enter the world of aviation it was, and that just the fact of being a woman was a challenge in a monopolized world, mostly by men.

I’m still in the fight for women to continue integrating itself into the world of aviation in my Country.


About My Country ‘Perú’:

Peru sits in the west central region of South America and extends 1,500 miles along the Pacific Ocean coast. We all want to get the most out of our travel experiences, whether we set off on a budget backpacking adventure or a whirlwind luxury tour.

I love my country so much. Whether you are looking for a family vacation or a solo backpacking voyage, there are numerous reasons to visit Peru.

Peruvians are proud of our country’s geographic diversity. If there’s one thing that most school kids remember, it’s the costa, sierra y selva. These geographic zones run from north to south across the nation, dividing Peru into three regions of distinct natural and cultural characteristics.

Peru is one of the world’s great backpacking destinations: a geographically diverse nation rich in culture and brimming with opportunities for adventure. It offers budget travelers an affordable and unforgettable experience, from the coastal deserts to the Andean highlands and east into the jungles of the Peruvian Amazon.

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  1. Tammy Powlas

    Bienvenido a BIF en SCN, Lu

    Thank you for participating in the MSF mission too.

    I haven’t been to Peru but my brother lived there for a few years and I’ve always wanted to travel there.

  2. Former Member Post author

    Thank you Tammy!!!

    My country is very beautiful, the people are very friendly and very delicious food.

    I hope you come soon. Thanks for the welcome.

    I’m still learning this. πŸ™‚

  3. Moshe Naveh


    Thanks a lot for joining BIF:).

    Although I was in the neighborhood I never got to Peru. Hopefully in my next trip to South America I will.

    Is there anyone you would like to BIF to and ask questions?

  4. Marilyn Pratt

    Hi Lu,

    Was very happy to see your BIF entry and learn more about you and your interests.

    Many years ago I was lucky enough to travel to your country and even fly on a small plane above the amazing Nazca lines.

    Great to have women who model engineering and aviation interests for other women.

    Looking forward to hearing more from you!


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