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CDMC-UPL Integration Information

Usage And Procedure Logging (UPL) is integrated with Custom Development Management Cockpit (CDMC) starting with ST-PI SP 08.

What is Usage Procedure Logging (UPL) ?

UPL us new functionality available in ABAP based systems on the functionality of the  SAP Coverage Analyzer. It is used to log all the called and executed ABAP units such as programs,function modules,classes,methods and subroutines.

This is new SAP NetWeaver capability and will not impact system performance. UPL will give you 100% coverage of usage without estimations or evaluations of ABAP call stacks. This includes also the detection of dynamically called ABAP elements.

If UPL activated from an Solution Manger system, the data will be extracted and collected in UPL cubes of the BW of the SAP Solution manger system for an unlimited history to support different queries.  You can also refer SAP Note 1955847 for more details.

  • Prerequisite for CDMC:

CDMC is available with SAP Solution Manager Enterprise Edition (7.0 & 7.1), Necessary pre-requisite to use CDMC is to have ST-PI installed and minimum SP level should be ST-PI SP 08 in all the participating systems of CDMC including SAP Solution Manager System. Please refer SAP Note 1244713 for more details.

  • For Using UPL together with CDMC following additional technical prerequisites to be fulfilled :
  • Control System :

       In CDMC the Control system must be SAP Solution Manager system for the collection of the UPL statistical data following SP level are required:

  1. Software component ST SP 09 or higher
  2. Also the software component ST-PI 2008_1_X SP08 Or Higher is needed (All other participating systems of CDMC should be in the same ST-PI SP level)
  3. Software component ST-BCO 7xx must be installed.
  4. Collection of UPL data must be activated from the SAP Solution Manager Control system for the statistics system.(For more details , Please refer SAP Note 1683134- UPL Activator/Deactivator for managed system)

  • Statistics System :

       SAP_BASIS, ST-PI 2008_1_x software component layer and in SAP Kernal and needs at least the following SP level:

  1. SAP NetWeaver 7.01 SP10 or 7.02 SP09 + Kernal 720 Patch 94 or 7.31 SP03 and 7.40. Recommended kernal patch level: 720 Patch level>430;721>120 or any higher.
  2. Also the software component ST-PI 2008_1_x_SP08 or higher is needed. For more details SAP Note 1828848 and attachment of the SAP Note 1683134.
  3. Recommendation : Implement performance relevant SAP Note as described in the SAP Note 1906451 .

How it works :

In the ‘Global Settings’ phase of Custom Development Management Cockpit (CDMC) when you execute the activity ‘Activate Statistics Collection’ an additional job (CNV_CDMC_CA_COLLECT_UPL_STAT) will be scheduled in the Solution Manager control system to collect the UPL statistics from the SAP Solution Manager BW cube ,which will get stored in the CDMC table ‘CNVCDMCCA_STAT’ with evaluation type ’01’ in the SAP Solution Manager control system.

This usage statistics information is then used in the activity ‘Perform Usage Analysis’ of the ‘Clearing Analysis’ and ‘Upgrade Change Impact Analysis’ scenario, to mark the usage for objects.

As UPL statistics collection background job will run in the SAP Solution Manager system, this will not put any extra load in the statistics/production system.

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      Author's profile photo Ralf Richter
      Ralf Richter

      Hello Pritish,

      excellent document - we would like to use the CDMC-UPL as well for our Bank Analyzer Solution based on SAP Netweaver 7.10 with the latest kernel and ST/PI- ST-A/PI - packages. As soon we are activating as described in SAP Note 1906451 - Technical Preparation for Custom Code Management the recommended settings we are getting in the managed system configuration of this system in the SAP Solution Manager 7.1 SP12 an error with the following entry.

      Has you got an idea about this issue ? Or does the SAP Bank Analyzer not support CDMC-UPL functionality. Thanks in advance for an hint.



      Author's profile photo Sylke Graupner
      Sylke Graupner

      Hello Ralf,

      for the managed system we would need UPL data to be available in the cube 0SM_UPL.

      Please check it in RSA1.

      Else start the BW setup and the UPL extractor from the solman in the managed system setup via transaction SOLMAN_SETUP.

      SOLMAN_SETUP - UPL setup.jpg

      Author's profile photo Aleksandr Riabov
      Aleksandr Riabov

      Hello Ralf,

      have you started the UPL on the mentioned system BS8?

      CCAPPS -> UPL Control -> Start

      Author's profile photo Ralf Richter
      Ralf Richter

      Hello all,

      thanks for these good hints - I appreciate it. brilliant. KR. Ralf

      Author's profile photo Ralf Richter
      Ralf Richter

      Hello Alexander,

      this transaction is good because it's look like that this release is not usable for UPL

      Activating UPL CONTROL - the following error is raising up

      I have to do more investigation here.




      Author's profile photo Aleksandr Riabov
      Aleksandr Riabov

      Hello Ralf,

      unfortunately you either upgrade, or UPL collection will not be possible.