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More Well-Being in the Workplace with Mindfulness


We spend so much time and money on technology, on analyzing huge amounts of data to optimize business processes or on managing our physical assets. This is, of course, necessary to stay competitive.

But what about our most valuable assets – our leaders and employees – are we really investing enough in ourselves?

SAP is serious about investing in its employees. See how SAP and I, Susanne Schlenker, in particular in my role as senior business coach, utilize the mindfulness approach (you could also say awareness or focusing) to bring more well-being to the workplace and find inspiration for yourself and your company.

Have a great day and enjoy watching the video!

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    • Thanks, Jelena, you are right. At first glance, there is no connection between mindfulness and Utilities. Let me try to put it in other words.

      One key success factor in any company, be it utilities, automotive, chemicals…, are the human resources. The more the employees are happy, satisfied, feel good and are motivated, the more they love going to work every morning and the better they can engage, communicate and collaborate with their colleagues and with their customers.

      I see this as one out of many options to achieve employee well-being and would like to increase awareness and inspire others to think about this topic.

      • Susanne, thanks for a response. But by that measure this might as well have been posted in any other SCN space (e.g. we have SAP for Automotive too). Wouldn’t the readers in the Utilities space expect something relevant specifically to their industry (and not all of them)? And wouldn’t you be missing potential readers from those other industries?

        • Jelena, I see and respect your point. I found an SCN space which seems to be a better fit for this topic. I will move this blog to Innovation, Life at SAP, the human side of SAP.

          Thank you.