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Unable to use an optional license features on IQ16 SP08.

I have a Customer who failed to use a IQ_VLDBMGMT license after upgrading IQ16 SP03 to IQ16 SP08.

Error :

     Could not execute statement.
     Authorization required to attempt checkout IQ_VLDBMGMT license
      SQLCODE=-1006276, ODBC 3
     State=”HY000″ Line 1, column 1

      create dbspace RYOHIST using file
      sybdata11 ‘/export/RYOPRD/sybdata/sybdata03’, file sybdata12 ‘/export/RYOPRD/sybdata/sybdata04’


     – IQ16 (more than) SP08.x


     New license checkout behavior requires the DBA to authorize access to any optionally licensed feature.
     SAP IQ will not attempt to check-out an optional license by default from IQ16SP08.


Run sp_iqlmconfig with the allow or disallow parameter to enable or disable an optional license.
The ALL keyword enables or disables all optional licenses, except IQ_VLDBMGT:

– sp_iqlmconfig ‘allow’, ‘ALL’  // enable all, except IQ_VLDBMGT
– sp_iqlmconfig ‘disallow’, ‘IQ_SECURITY’  // disable IQ_SECURITY     

Use the IQ_VLDBMGT and <quantity> parameters to change the number of available IQ_VLDBMGT licenses:

– sp_iqlmconfig ‘allow’, ‘IQ_VLDBMGMT’, ‘8’   // increase by 8
– sp_iqlmconfig ‘disallow’, ‘IQ_VLDBMGMT’, ‘2’  // decrease by 2

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  • Hi Gi-Sung,

    Thanks for sharing this behavior change in IQ 16 SP08! It is a good behavior change as it can prevent users from accidentially activating an unlicensed option on a licensed IQ server and throw the IQ server into grace mode.


  • Hi Gi-Sung,

    Thanks for sharing this behavior change in IQ 16!

    I have a question, i hope you can help me.

    Do you know, where i can find the value of parameter <Quantity>?


    • The QUANTITY parameter is the size of the license that you purchased.  For the VLDB option, the number represents the maximum amount of IQ main store (all main stores) space, in TB, rounded up.  So if you have 9.8 TB of main store space, you would need a quantity 10 license.


    • Hi Edgae Sanchez

      From IQ16 SP08 manual, <quantity> is an integer value from 0 to 4,294,967,295 that sets the number of available IQ_VLDBMGMT licenses.

      If you purchase IQ_VLDBMGMT with 10TB, You can see the value of quantity within license file as follows.

      -> CP=10

      It means that you purchased 10TB “IQ_VLDBMGMT” license and generated license with 10TB.

      ** Helpful KBA# 2121535

      [Ex : IQ_VLDBMGMB licesce]

      # Sybase Software Asset Management License File. TB License for Sybase IQ Very

         # Large Database Management Option

         # License for ID_STRING=xxx hpita

         INCREMENT IQ_VLDBMGMT SYBASE 2016.05040 04-may-2016 uncounted \

               VENDOR_STRING=PE=EE;LT=TB;AP=IQ \

               ISSUER=”CO=Sybase, Inc.;V=15.0;AS=A;CP=10;MP=547;EGO=” \


      Gi-Sung Jang

  • Hi, Mark and Gi-sung

    Thanks for you help! I reviewed the license file and i could see the value of quantity

    ->  CP = 16.

    Finally i could create partition tables.