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Error message RM213 :Document is postprocessing document and cannot be cancelled

It can occur that in MF12 or MF41 you want to reverse a document and you receive following errror message:

Error message RM213 “Document is postprocessing document and cannot be cancelled” while reversing a document in MF12 or MF41

Example: BOM with

Header Material PP_REM_FERTM 1 UN
Components PP_REM_RAW 1 UN

  1. Assembly confirmation with transaction MFBF:
    Material document
    B UN Material Description Movement
    1 1 PP_REM_FERTM pp-rem-fert 1000 131
    2 2 PP_REM_RAW   pp-rem-raw 1000 261

    A document log for a second component ,
    sent to transaction COGI:

    9000000001 2 2 PP_REM_RAW2 pp-rem-raw2 261 M7 018

  1. Correction of movement in transaction COGI:
    Go to COGI and postprocess the
    above entry. A new document is created:
    4900000002 1 UN PP_REM_RAW2 pp-rem-raw2 1000 261
  2. In MF12 you can see the postprocessing document 4900000002 type N
  3. Reverse material document 4900000002 –> error message RM213 is

In the standard the system does not allow reversal of processed material documents. The posted reprocessing document has the processing type N which you can find inEvaluation -> display document

When you reverse this material document, system will check the processing type (mdbp-vaart) and if it equals N (charn)-reporcessing document, error
message RM213 is issued. Posting a reprocessing document unfortunately results in losing some information, most notably the version-id – hence a reversal, i.e. the original status before posting, is not possible.
In detail:

  • Before posting the reprocessing doc all information relevant for PP  (production planning) is available
  • After posting the reprocessing doc the original reprocessing doc is deleted and a material doc is created. The material doc contains only information
    relevant for (MM) material management.
  • Therefore it is not possible to reverse the reprocessing: the  material doc lacks information necessary to recreate the original reprocessing document

There are two alternatives to this situation:

  • The recommended way is to reverse the original backflush document.The original backflush, the reprocessing docs (created at backflush) and the
    material documents (created when posting the reprocessing docs) form one logical unit and belong together. Thus by reversing the backflush all the reprocessing docs and material docs are reversed as well.
  • The other option is to post a Neutral document in MFBF. With this option you can post with a reversal movement type with the same quantity of the
    postprocessing document. To do this, go to the transaction mentioned and go to menu path ‘Edit/Document Neutral Reversal’.

Please see note 1867502 for additional details.

Sorry, the link was wrong , now it should work.

Best regards

Maria Núñez

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