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Refurbishment Order (IW81): An issue in initial screen

There was a query an year ago asking help on an issue:

He was unable to create Refurbishment Order (Order type PM04) because the Equipment field was mandatory in the initial screen itself of IW81. But the Equipment number was not relevant for his Refurbishment process. He was unable to pass through the initial screen because the system was stopping there itself.

Investigation had revealed that

  • The Equipment (CAUFVD-EQUNR) field was marked Req. in the OIAN General settings (not through influencing Order type) which makes Equipment field mandatory for all Order types PM01, PM02, PM03, PM04 etc. 
  • The setting above, in OIAN General settings, checks at the initial screen of the IW31 / IW81 Tcodes .
  • In order to remove the mandatory setting of a field in the initial screen for any of these Tcodes, we need to remove this Req. setting in the OIAN General screen, the effect of which will be simultaneously on all Tcodes. (All Order types)

So, first I asked him to clear this Req. setting in OIAN General screen.

OIAN setting making Equipment field mandatory in the Tcode intial screen itself for all Order types


OIAN After correction


Now his problem was solved. He was able to create the Refurbishment Order.

… But what about the Equipment Mandatory settings for other Order types. By the action above, we have sacrificed this mandatory field setting for Equipments in other Order types also (PM01, PM02, PM03). We need to restore these.

Compensating arrangement for other Order Types (to make Equipment field mandatory)

Now to compensate the above for other Order types, we opt for each Order type in the Influencing tab of OIAN and set the CAUFVD-EQUNR field Req.

Alternatively,  I suggested to give the following code in the include ZXWOCU07 of User Exit User-Exit IW010009.

IF caufvd_imp-auart = 'PM01'   OR caufvd_imp-auart = 'PM02'   OR  caufvd_imp-auart = 'PM03'.
   IF caufvd_imp-tplnr IS INITIAL AND caufvd_imp-equnr IS INITIAL.
     MESSAGE:  'Please fill Functional Location or Equipment' TYPE 'E' .

Now user gets error message at the Save event, whenever he tries to create an Order other than Refurbishment (PM04) without Equipment and/or Functional Location fields filled.

This addressed his issue in total.Felt like sharing this important observation with the forum.

Thank you

Jogeswara Rao K

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