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Release Strategy for the SAP Multichannel Foundation for Utilities

Please refer to the following table for the release schedule of SAP Multichannel Foundation for Utilities (henceforth referred to as SAP MCF)


For more information on SAP Multichannel Foundation, see the summary of blogs and links: Key Topic: SAP Multichannel Foundation for Utilities and Public Sector

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  • Hi Nicole,

    Would like to propose solution on SAP CRM solution with Web Applications, Mobile, SMS, IVR and integration with existing single instance SAP ECC RE-FX & IS-U solution. As understood, SAP UCES (utilities self-service specific solution) is not recommendable for new implementation as SAP MCF have very much improved functionalities for customer self-service solution for Utilities and Public Sector industry.

    -Can we suggest SAP MCF for Real Estates industry which would covers Web Applications, Mobile, SMS, IVR etc. Real Estate functionalities If no, what would be your customer self-service solution for Real Estate.

    -How easy to integrate SAP BCM with SAP MCF.

    -Can we recommend SAP MCF in case customer already have SAP UCES license but not using it.

    -What would be your best cost effective CTI solution approach for Real Estate and Utilities business. (i.e. by using SAP BCM, SAP MCF or others)



    • Hi Sanju,

      Thank you for your interest in MCF.

      -SAP MCF is a solution tailored for Utilities Industries and does not have any content for Retail industry

      -Sure, UCES while being maintained, is not recommended by us. We recommend the customer to instead go for SAP MCF.

      -MCF , while can be integrated with CTI solutions, is not a replacement for a CTI solution. For Utilities, SAP CRM Interaction Center in combination with SAP BCM would be the recommended approach.

      Hope this helps.

      Cheers, Wasim

    • Hi Sanju,

      I am afraid that’s not true. C4C like on-premise CRM has generic capabilities around sales, service and marketing that are applicable for all industries.

      In addition, there are industry specific C4C packages available for different industries. I can’t advise about Real Estate but for Utilities we do have such a package ( now already in third release) that manages the B2B sales process in the Utilities industry.

      Check out the blog from our colleague Steen on this:

      Cloud for Customer (C4C) with Utility specific objects and attributes

      Cheers, Wasim

    • Hi Kevin, new SP04 (for addons UMCERP01, UMCCRM01, UMCUI501) was just released last monday and is available for download. Features: agent mode support, EDM, new customizing for business processes, and many others. I guess there will be a separate blog soon.


  • Hi Yvegen,

    Can you please help with the following questions :

    What  SAP Netweaver Gateway deployment option to be used with  SAP MCF?.

    1) Central Hub  Deployment – Development in  SAP Business Backend  System.

    2) Central Hub Deployment  – Development in SAP Business Suite Back end system?.

    3) The MCF add on UMCERP01 will always be installed on the ERP component?

    can you please provide me SAP recommendations for implementing SAP MCF?

    Thanks in advance.