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How to manage the status of custom tabs/fields in TRM

All we know that with the help of GFTR_C0102 transaction we can manage the status of standard fields.


But what about custom fields?

Actually it’s all the same! But we need to make some configuration.

Precondition: you must know how to create custom tabs in Treasury and how to add custom fields on the tabs. Tabs and fields must be already created.

Status of custom tabs

1. Tr. GFTR_C0002 – check if everything is okey here, because field groups for custom tabs are already predefined and you don’t have to change anything here – 0093 “Customer Enhancements: Tabstrip 1” and 0094 “Customer Enhancements: Tabstrip 2”

On the “Field Groups” level do not change anything




Now let’s assign Fields to Field Groups:




It’s all. Now you can manage the status of custom tabs: Display or Hide.


Status of custom fields

1. Tr. GFTR_C0002 – let’s create field groups for our custom fields and assign custom fields.

TIP1: We can set the status only for Group Field. It means you must group your custom fields in Group Field logically, technically. For example, fields like Amount and Currency are always together, so they must always be in the same Field Group.

TIP2: The range for customer field groups is between  600 (inclusive) and 799 (inclusive)

Let’s create Field Group 601.

Enter description for your field group and Function module FTR_SUBSCR_FMOD2_EVENT


Now assign custom fields to Field group

You enter the same parameters as on your screen painter and don’t forget to put checkmark in Input field.



2. Tr. GFTR_C0003 – assign Field Group to View “CUST01”.


Check parameters of the view


Assign Field Groups to view CUST01


3. Tr. GFTR_C0011 – Assign Screen parameters to Database parameters.

Parameters in Screen painter is Screen parameters


Fields in the Database is Database parameters


We must match both parameters – Screen and Database


And that’s all. In transaction GFTR_C0102 you’ll find new Field Groups. And you can manage the statuses of custom fields in your deals!


4. And the last step. Don’t forget to insert code


in PBO logic of the screen where your custom fields situated. This piece of code will transfer field’s status from configuration into your transaction.

Easy and elegant. Using standard possibilities is the best way to manage the system.

P.S. If you face some unpredictable behaviour of your configuration, try to debug function module BUS_FMOD_MAIN (tr. SE37).

The instrument we used is BDT ( Business Data Toolset (not to be confused with DBT Derived business transaction). With BDT you can reconfigure you screens in different modules (the most usual is Business Partners management) – move fields from one tab to another, create custom tabs, etc

But in Treasury module this instrument is used only partially. If you want to get acquainted with the instument – read CR590 course “Business Data Toolset”

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      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member

      Hello Grigoriy Babitskiy,

      I followed the post and simulated the settings in my system, I am done with all the configurations and the Field additions but i am unable to get the below settings done.

      Kindly let me know the navigation steps how to get the below screen, so that it will be a great help for me.



      Reenu John

      Author's profile photo Grigoriy Babitskiy
      Grigoriy Babitskiy
      Blog Post Author

      Hello Reenu John

      1. SE18 -> FTR_CUSTOMER_EXTENT -> Menu "Enchancement implementation" -> View


      Select your implementation.


      "Interface" tab -> Method "EVT_APPLICATION_START" -> Double click


      Double click on Function module.


      copy report id - in my case it was "SAPLZSTR_TABS".


      SE38 ->


      "Display object list" button.


      Select screen where you fields are listed and make double click on it.


      "Layout" button.


      Select your screen (click on it) and you'll see it's name.


      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member

      Hi Grigoriy,

      I have followed all the steps you have mentioned. I am getting my values at the time of selecting. But i am unable to get it to store in VTBFHA table. I have written my code in SAVE_READY method of CUS_EXTENT

      Author's profile photo saritha nagaraju
      saritha nagaraju



      I need to add custom fields to the transaction FTR_edit under WASH rate details tab . please let me know is it possible to add custom fields under wash rate tab .

      with regards

      Saritha .

      Author's profile photo Grigoriy Babitskiy
      Grigoriy Babitskiy
      Blog Post Author


      If wash rate details tab is standard tab - the answer is no, you can't add custom field.

      You can only add custom fields to custom tabs - check this article

      Author's profile photo saritha nagaraju
      saritha nagaraju


      Thanks a lot grigoriy babitskiy for information

      Author's profile photo Elio Grillone
      Elio Grillone

      Hi Expert,

      really it's not very clear how to manage user command for my custom screen; I have

      some buttons on my custom screen and I created the custom F.M. Z....._FCODE in which

      managed buttons and then I tried to recall this F.M. inside method EVT_TRANSACTION_FCODE

      of my implementation for badi FTR_CUSTOMER_EXTENT, but user command of custom

      screen starts and no recalling for badi or related F.M. Z....._FCODE happens.

      Any suggestion about error or missing action I'm doing?

      Any indication will be appreciated.

      Many thanks