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SAP Mobile BI does not allow SSO connections to be created manually.

Following are the options for SSO connections

  • You can directly import these connections from the Configuration Server (MOBIServer)
    • Administrator can configure these connections at following location
      • Copy the from default folder in to custom folder (<WebAppsROOT>\MOBIServer\WEB-INF\config\custom)
      • Then modify the file in custom folder
    • Choose your new connection identifier, say we choose ‘mysso‘. Add that to mobi.connections
    • Provide the connection properties and save the file
    • Now deploy the MOBIServer again after changes mentioned above.Once done, you can execute the following URL to check if the properties are configured correctly or not. [http://<server>:<port>/MOBIServer/MobiConfigurationServlet?RequestType=ServerList ]             


  • You can use MDM tools to publish connections if devices are IOS7 and above
    • For devices with iOS 7 or higher, Apple provides the “Managed App Configuration” functionality. This functionality allows a Mobile Device Management (MDM) server to push down a configuration dictionary into the managed app’s NSUserDefaults for the purpose of remotely configuring settings
    • You can configure a single predefined connection or multiple predefined connections in the application by specifying values for the conn.list.(n) property on the MDM server, where ‘n’ is the array index starting with a value of 1. Each array item is of the type “String” and the value of each item corresponds to a connection URL.
    • For example, you can specify a predefined connection URL for a BOE server connection with the syntax shown below

               conn.list.1=<specify the sap bi link for SSO connection here>

  • You can use SDK to generate build that already has connection created.

Useful Links

PS: Once you have created SSO connection on your device, you can always share that connection with other users. Choose that connection, click share and that will generate the link for you

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      1. Former Member

        can u post the step how to perform this as i didnt understand the setting in the post may be im not good at the thing you have mention

        Thanks, Vishal.G

  1. Former Member

    Hi Ashutosh,

    I can import an sapbi link successfully, if it is shared per email.

    But I have problems to configure the link in SAP Afaria in the managed app configuration. I am able add the parameter conn.list.1, but the value with the whole sapbi-link can not be saved. The occurring error is not described. Do you have an example/screenshot for that?

    Best regards, Daniel

    1. Ashutosh Rastogi Post author

      Hi Daniel,

      What is the error that is happening? You say its not described – do you mean that you see the error but you could not find it documented anywhere. Is that the case?



        1. Ashutosh Rastogi Post author

          Hi Daniel,

          I would suggest that you post this in SAP Afaria forum, the error is related to that tool, and since it says just error I can not help much here.




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