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The Epic Birthday Smackdown for Doctors Without Borders (#SCNEBS)

As you may already know, a lot of SCN members are doing their best to raise funds for Doctors Without Borders.  Perhaps you have already read and bookmarked Marilyn Pratt blog about the missionsI Care, I Gave, I Inspire’.

Or have you perused ‘Your Mission, should you decide to accept it…’

Some community members are challenging themselves and others by volunteering to teach children, or shave their heads (John Chin) or Photoshop themselves into any picture you send them (Jamie Oswald ) or get out an exercise (Siva Kumar ) and these are all worthwhile efforts.

But     where’s the fun in privately doing something good.  So I am hereby calling out my friend and fellow Birthday Boy (as well as SAPMentor and ASUG volunteer) Greg Myers.

Greg Myers.jpg

Here’s the deal. Since our birthdays fall on the same day, I am betting Greg that I can raise more money for Doctors Without Borders by midnight, August 30.  I will be asking my friends and family to donate to Doctors Without Borders in lieu of any gift giving.

I’m betting that I can take Greg down.  He’s smart and friendly and handsome and all that stuff, but I’ve got moxie.

So what does the community say?  What do YOU want to see out of this scn_ebs?  I promise I will blog about it.  What do you think Greg will do?  (go into a corner and curl up and cry?)

In the world of American sports, this is all called ‘talking smack’  – or as Wikipedia notes: “ Smack talk can also be used to track the sentiment or popularity of sport teams and the people that play and coach them. “ – so whatever we say in this challenge, rest assured. it’s all in good fun and for a good cause.

I invite your comments, I invite you to get into a little friendly competition with someone, or if you have something to suggest (to me, not Greg Myers) feel free to let me know.

Let the Games begin!

PS: In case you want to go to MSF and donate?  Here ya go!  Doctors Without Borders/Plan a Fundraiser  – just include your SCN userid (if you have one) and also mine (Susan Keohan ).
And if you are on Twitter, you can follow the smacktalk here: @scn_ebs.

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