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Dear community,

We received various reports on an issue with CAL instances which seem to have trouble when the suspend/resume operation in CAL has been executed. After the resume it is no longer possible to connect to the SAP system although the CAL UI shows a green traffic light. The issue currently only appears when you use Amazon Web Services as cloud provider for your CAL solution and it is not reproducible. It only appears sporadic in case you wonder why your suspend/resume operations still work. Although only a fraction of you might be affected I would like to let you know that we are working with high pressure on a solution for it but until then you would need to use this workaround:

We identified that the AWS Meta Data Service seems to be a little bit shaky in the last days. If this service is not available at the time of reboot (which in rare cases seem to be the case lately), mandatory information required for the runtime of the SAP system cannot be determined. To circumvent the issue you would need to ssh into the instance that does not seem to work properly after the suspend/resume operation.

Once you established the connection, please add a sleep 120 in the beginning of the script /sbin/ to allow the AWS Meta Data Service more time to start up.

To reactivate your broken instance, execute as user root:

  • /etc/init.d/updatehosts-network stop
  • /etc/init.d/updatehosts-network start

Afterwards as sidadm execute “stopsap && startsap”. Then the SAP system should be up and running again and you are able to execute further suspend/resume operations from the CAL UI.

I will let you know once we fixed the issue globally. I hope it does not boil down to add a generic sleep 120 in all our appliances. This takes away 2 minutes from your precious time and we should avoid that from happening, especially in the cloud 😉


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  1. Hannes Kuehnemund Post author


    we were able to narrow down the issue. It appears to happen only when Elastic IPs are used. Also, only solutions with more than one instance are affected.

    We keep investigating, so far the workaround mentioned in the blog seems to work for everyone who is affected.

  2. Sasha Nunes

    Hello Hannes

    I was one of the affected by this issue. Yesterday we activate the instance again and suspended 3 hours later. This morning we proceed to activate the instance again and we are getting a new message telling us there is an error in license check (please see the enclosed image)….any guidance on this would be helpful…Thanks in advance for your comments and support

    Sasha Nunes

    Screen Shot 2014-08-20 at 10.36.55 AM.png

    1. Hannes Kuehnemund Post author

      Hi Sasha,

      we are working diligently on an update of the appliance. We hope that have it available end of this week or early next week. We keep you updated.

      Thanks and Regards,


      1. Sasha Nunes

        Thanks Hannes

        Will you recommend me to suspend the instance until your team finish the update?…this will reduce our cost with AWS

        Thanks and Regards


        1. Hannes Kuehnemund Post author

          Hi Sasha,

          in order to save costs you might want to consider to suspend it. Unfortunately, it won’t be possible to apply the fix on an already instantiated Trial system.

          We will provide a new version of the appliance in CAL which can be safely suspended and resumed. If you are a customer who purchased the CAL subscription, we will let you know how to apply the fix to the existing instances so that the work is not lost.



  3. Jonas Egvärn


    We are facing ‘Suspend Error’ in AWS.

    Please advise how to take control of the instance. ssh/scp doesnt work. Will AWS Billing continue? We assume not!last suspend at - Copy.PNG

    1. Aleksandar Raychev

      Hello Jonas,

      AWS experienced yesterday at least 4 hours EC2 latency problems with their service. It was notified on their status page:

      Could you please retry your operation, it should work now. For your safety you can always check in AWS console if the operation is done.

      Best Regards



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