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STD SAP Behavior for Work Order Dates Definitions

Please find below STD SAP Behavior for Work Order Dates Definitions.

This prepared on the basis of SDN Thread Posted on the SCN EAM Forum.

1) Basic Start – This is the date on which u want to start your work… (No calculation is involved)

2) Basic Finish Date. – This is the date on which u want to finish your work. (Priority type can influence this date. Depend on priority type. Which u have selected in order header.)

3) Schedule Start Date – this is the start date of work as per system. This date is totally depend on scheduling type..

Example – 1 in forward scheduling it remain fixed and schedule finish date & basic finish date would be varying according to the work hours in operation.

4) Schedule Finish Date – this is the finish date determined by system as per the scheduling type.

Example-1 – if scheduling type is backward, then basic fin. And schedule finish date would be same. And schedule start date would be shifted according to the work hours in operation.

In the case of current scheduling both type (basic and schedule date) of start & finish dates remains same… as per the work hour it may overload the work center capacity or it may not

  1. Call Date doesn’t influence basic and schedule Dates.
  2. Basic starts dates would equal to plan date of maintenance call object (because this is only the due date)
  3. Again basic end dates are depend on Priority type (what we have selected in Maintenance plan) & scheduling types
  4. Scheduled start/end dates depends on total work hours in task list and scheduling types.

If we have assigned maintenance packages to the task list and using strategy plan…

Then Order basic start date would be govern by Initial buffer in maintenance package

And basic end date would be govern by sub sequential buffer in maintenance package.

New basic start = Plan Date – initial buffer

New basic finish = plan date + subsequent buffer.

Reference Date & Time–> Date and time on which the system enters completed PM and CS orders and notifications in the history. This Date and time can be used as per User requirement.

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  • Hi Rakesh,

    Your effort is appreciated for collecting the types of date,its definations and usage.

    But I have point here,Still I am not able to explore how Priority affects basic start or finish date of work order.Priority only effects notification date & timing.

    Could you recheck and teach us how to get the same with standard functionality.



    • When we create a Work Order from the Notification, the Priority get copied to work order , Basic Start and Finish Date from the notification. We could change the priority in the Work Order and it would update the basic Finish Date in the Work Order.

      • I am fine with copying date from Notification to order, the dates are getting copy.

        But once go in work order and change the priority in the order ,dates does not chnage either order or notification.If you change the priority in the notification after creation of work order and notification only notification date get change.