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A Second Look at SAP BusinessObjects Analysis Office Beta 2.0 – Sneak Preview

Part 1 is A First Look at SAP BusinessObjects Analysis Edition for Office – Beta 2.0 and on this blog covers table design improvements available in beta version 2.0 for Analysis Office.

Now you can insert rows and columns in the crosstab.  Some background is shown below:


Source: SAP

To do this you need to edit the registry as shown below:


Figure 1

You need to set the TableInterface to True


Figure 2

Figure 2 shows the crosstab


Figure 3

Figure 3 shows when I right click on a row I have the option to insert the row before or after.


Figure 4

Figure 4 shows the results of inserting a row “after”


Figure 5

Figure 5 shows the option of inserting a column.when selecting the “title” dimension, in this case, “Project”.


Figure 6

Figure 6 shows the results of inserting a column.

More to come and learn more about Analysis Office at SAP TechEd && d-code:

EA265 Hands-on:

SAP TechEd && d-code Las Vegas | October 20–24, 2014 | Home

EA117 ASUG Analysis Influence Council:

SAP TechEd && d-code Las Vegas | October 20–24, 2014 | Home

Monday, October 20th, ASUG will host a hands-on BI session – more to come soon.

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  • Thanks, Tammy.

    This capability is a big step forward bringing us closer to BPC/EssBase realm. Hence an important prerequisite towards the dream of merging AO with EPM add-on...

    can't wait.

    Thanks again.

  • Why do so many settings in Analysis require register setting changes? It's not something that we actively encourage in our company and I doubt if some of the users have the capability to make these changes? Can they be set in a master deployment package? We wouldn't expect the user to make these changes and couldn't make the changes on their behalf. Can they not be built into the front-end?



    • I am not an expert in installation - maybe it will be changed by GA version.

      This is an explanation of how it works in Beta.

      • Hi, I appreciate that Beta to GA may change, but even in the current 1.4 GA version there are many options that need to be set in the Registry and I just wonder why this is. When I speak to our Infrastructure team about this there is always a lot of sucking of teeth and shaking of heads...

        • Hi Stephen,

          Thank you for your feedback! We are already working on simplifying and improving the settings framework of AO 2.0.

          I can't make any promises yet, but chances are good that 2.0 (GA) won't need to access the registry anymore (for settings).

          Best regards,


  • Hi Tammy,

    That's a great option. Is this available only for AO 2.0 (beta). Pl let me know if there is a work around to get this for any versions of 1.4. Thanks.

    • It is only available in 2.0

      I am not aware of any work arounds in 1.4 - you may want to create a new discussion thread in the forum to see if the community has any ideas

  • Hi Tammy,

    Do you know if the issue of not being able to protect workbooks is resolved in 2.0 ?

    In the correct release 1.4, protecting any sheet in a workbook disables all BO functionalities.

    • Uchenna - I am sorry for the delay in replying

      I tried it; some functions are disabled but I think it depends on what you want protected in the worksheet.  For example, I protected the worksheet but I was still able to do a Smart Copy to Design Studio