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almost to quick

7 km from SAP Headquarter in Walldorf


Picture from Google Earth

Is this already the S of SAP?


58 degrees Celsius Asphalt temperature – Hot as HANA


Quick as HANA – again didn’t catch what I want to show


Almost …..- next time I get ’em


need one more try


Consultants are not that fast …easier to catch


Are these all SAP fans?


Finally got ’em






No luck for the competitors, they crashed their system


Marketing is leaving

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  • So you finally went for Formula1 racing. Coool 🙂 Guy scratching his head looks like a gambler 😯 because he is acting like his car got crashed on the track and he just lost one grand $. SAP guys are Cool always 😉

    • I was only supervising my daughter …after I convinced her (which was actually easy) that this would be a memorable birthday present 😉

      15 years have past since I have been the last time to a Grand Prix, I was actually a little disappointed, the sound became more quiet, earlier it was about 128 dB, that’s what me most impressed, glad there was a GP3 race too where the cars still have the old sound.

      The speed with about 320 km/h remained, but the digital cameras are slower than the old analog cameras, so I could immediately recycle the bits of 250 of 560 photos since they showed only the empty track, and the few real good ones can fill a calendar (a small Christmas gift).

      Ah yes…she enjoyed and asked already to get the same present next year ….I love my daughter 😘

      • I dont know much about Formula1 racing. I’ve only seen these on TV sometimes or in movies. After watching Final Destination car crash scene I felt its too dangerous to watch this race while sitting besides track.

        320 km/h 😯 I have only driven on 140 km/h and that was too much for me 😛 I can’t imagine how amazing that would be to watch cars running on 320 km/h speed. It must be great fun.

        Your daughter must be lucky to have a dad like you who takes her for her favorite birthday present 😎 but why do you go after years? Is it not safe to go there or is it race that is arranged rarely?

        • The priorities are changing with getting married and father, the passion did not. What I earlier had to pay just for me has to be multiplied by 3 now, and such events are real expensive

          • Are you serious? Is it that expensive that a person like you have to think about it before planning to go there? If you don’t mind may i know how much it cost for one person to visit this car race for once and how long does it take to end the race? I want to compare it with other sports like soccer or cricket 😛

          • I don’t get paid in a ratio to my point level here – some room for improvement.

            In pre-sales you get only weekend tickets, Friday to Sunday, each day has about 8 hour schedule with practice sessions, and races in other series, but the main event is 2 hours maximum. Tickets are from 129€ standing place to 560€ bleachers p.P.

            We had just a day ticket from the box office.

          • Yeah, F1 is ridiculously overpriced. I’ve only been once, when somebody else was paying. I’m glad I went, but I won’t be spending my own money on a ticket. The British GP is worse – cheapest race day ticket for the 2015 Grand Prix is £155. Grandstand tickets are up to £340.

            Unfortunately there are enough people willing to pay those prices that they have no incentive to lower them. F1 is a huge money-making machine.

            And I should point out that I’m something of an F1 fan – not a huge fan, but I’d go to Silverstone every year if the prices were sensible.

          • After seeing your profile and years of experience I thought you must be sitting somewhere as IT head and doing nothing but just suggesting solutions and leading/guiding your team. This is usually what people do in this age and at this stage of career but it seems like you are working by yourself 🙂

            Its really expensive and one can plan a 3/4 days tour to some other nearest country with this amount 😯 Now I got to know that why F1 race is so famous in europe.