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Author's profile photo RAKESH MANE

Next Plan Date Calculation Logic For Counter Base Maintenance Plan

Hello All,


I would Like share with you all below Next Plan Date Calculation Logic For Multiple Counter Plan.


It will help to understand Basics of Multiple counter Plan..


Formula for calculating the Start date of Maintenance Counter plan is based on below formula
[(Cycle Length-Current Counter Reading) / Annual Estimate x 365 Days] + Date on which the measurement reading or counter reading was taken

For example :
Annual Estimate  = 600 Hrs (A)
Cycle Length       = 100 Hrs (B)
Initial Counter Reading = 0 Hrs     (C)

Reading taken on 25.03.2013
Plan Date of Maintenance plan = (100-0)/600*365 + Date of counter reading taken   = 60 Days + 25.03.2013 = 25.05.2013
When measurement is entered as 120 from initial reading 0, the call will generate today as it passed 100. Remaining 20 is not considered for calculation of new planned date.
Now here the starting of counter reading will be considered as 120 and next plan counter reading will be 220 as Cycle is 100.
So if we enter the counter reading as 160, in formula the difference of counter reading to be taken as 220-160=60 Hrs
Next plan date will be calculated on the basis difference of counter reading as 60 Hrs.
So from current date it will calculate the next plan date for 40 Hrs (100-60)





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      Author's profile photo K Jogeswara Rao
      K Jogeswara Rao

      Very useful info in small blog, often needed by users of Multiple counter plans. 🙂

      Author's profile photo RAKESH MANE
      Blog Post Author

      Thanks jogeswara...

      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member

      It looks like calculation is for Counter Based Plan (Strategy or Single Cycle).

      Its not for Multiple Counter Plan. Please clarify.

      Author's profile photo RAKESH MANE
      Blog Post Author


      This logic implies base for counter plan which is also useful when Multiple counter plan have assign counters.This logic help us to get how calculation were performed.

      And addition to this i did not include the AND /OR Logic of Multiple Counter plan as i thought complex part should be elaborated i.e. Calculation Logic For  Counter.

      Hope this is ok or helpful  for all

      If more question on this please do post here



      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member


      I came across very useful posts by you. I need certain clarifications.

      I have created a multiple counter plan with OR condition for number of hours of run time and no. of months (calendar time).

      The actual number of run hours may differ from the total (estimated) annual run hours. This is because I have a no. of equipments carrying out the same job.

      To elaborate it further:

      I have FOUR DG sets of equal capacity feeding the same set of machines. So I have defined 2000 hours as the Annual Value for each of the counters defined for each DG sets.

      Initial hours is entered as ZERO. My objective is that the system should trigger maint. order after the elapse of 250 run hours or 6 months whichever is earlier.

      I record the actual hours of working periodically through Measurement Docs.

      Now I am trying to generate the call (maint order) by creating a new meas. doc. with counter reading as more than 250 hours (say, 260 hrs) in the hope that it will generate the call.

      But my problem is nothing seems to be happening.

      Can you please guide me as to where I may be going wrong.

      Thanks a lot.

      Pradeep (kbprad AT yah00 DOT c0m)

      Author's profile photo RAKESH MANE
      Blog Post Author


      Try to post the Initial hours as 1.Then post next counter reading as more than 250 hours (say, 260 hrs) it will generate the call .

      Also request to you please post new Thread for your above issue.



      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member

      Hi Guys,

      How can (100-0)/600*365 = 48 Days?

      Author's profile photo Xavier Grau Galtes
      Xavier Grau Galtes

      Hi Guys, I have also tried to do the same calculation and I don't know how it gets to 48 days.