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Mission AIE Feature Explorer

Hello, I started as a programmer ABAP in 1993 and since then I have worked in different companies but always as ABAP programmer.

I knew some years the Eclipse programming environment but have not used it professionally until now.

I think the explorer feature is useful for both new developers and programmers with experience outside the Eclipse world.

My favorite feature of the beginners tour is F2 button: We have information on types and length variables. Besides parameter information input / output.

Additional features that I like Eclipse are:

1.- Use one tool for everything HANA, SAPUI5, ABAP, JAVA,…

2.- Having favorites packages that usually work.

3.- To be able to work in multiple ABAP systems in parallel.

4.- Likes the Link with Editor button to locate the program in the Project Explorer.

5.- Likes that is multiplatform (Windows, Linux).

6.- Likes that no maximum idle time I will never strip system.

For testing the debugger I had to apply the following note to my system: 1906917 ABAP Development Tools Debugger can not be Launched

Ultimately the development environment of the present and future !!!

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