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Author's profile photo Holger Polch

SAP TM Enhancement Guide Prior Publication of Chapters 1 – 6 available here!

Dear readers,

as announced, here it is: The SAP TM Enhancement Guide now with chapters 1 – 6. The reworked chapter 6 deals with enhancing Queries and POWLs.

Here again the link to the most current document:

Enjoy! More to come in the next weeks. As always, please raise questions and/or give feedback (will help to improve!)

Best regards,


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      Author's profile photo Sensen Wei
      Sensen Wei

      Hello Holger,

        It is very helpful to have this document, thanks a lot for your hard work.

        As for the customer requirement, we need to enhance some master data (like transportation lane, resource), for resource we have a BAdI: Assign Sub-screen of Additional Attributes to Resource UI; but for transportation lane I could not find a BAdI to do that. So if we want to enhance transportation lane BO, and build a FPM application for it, which classes/functions do we have to implement? is it possible at all?

      Best regards


      Author's profile photo Holger Polch
      Holger Polch
      Blog Post Author

      Hello Sensen,

      thanks for the feedback. Well, the topic of enhancing master data objects is a bit more tricky than enhancing the standard TM BOs.

      The master data objects as you can find them in transaction BOBF (/BOBF/CONF_UI) represent only a wrapper arround the underlying SCM Basis Master Data Objects. This was done to access all kinds of objects involved in the TM application via one and the same kind of interface (service manager and its functions).

      The BOBF Master Data BOs are therefore actually read-only objects. So you can of course build a FPM UI on top of the BOBF representation of a master data object but that would only allow a display mode. Adding fields and maintenance capabilities for a SCMB Master Data Object requires quite some knowledge.

      You'd need to know the corresponding DB tables (which you of course can find out) and you may have to enhance the SAPGUI maintenance dialogs to allow maintenance of your additional fields. Alternatively you could just enhance the required DB tables with additional attributes and write your very own maintenance UI for exactly those additional field. You could do this oldfashioned with SAPGUI or you build this with FPM (freestyle?).

      I've just discussed the topic on how to enhance master data objects in general. In september, I'll sit down with a few people to discuss current options and ideas to provide some more. The result will be published here and/or in the Enhancement Guide.

      Best regards,