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SAP NetWeaver BPM 7.31 Tutorial for Adding and Displaying Employee Details using Human Activity Steps

Introduction/ Overview


This document is a beginner’s guide for Building & Deploying NWBPM with Human activity steps along with Webdynpro UI. There are no ESR and ID objects created for this scenario.




  • SAP NWDS 7.31
  • Administration user on PO 7.31 server to create new users and to deploy a new dc





Step1. Create a Development Component


(1)  Click on Window -> Open Perspective-> Other -> Composite Designer and click on OK.


/wp-content/uploads/2014/07/1_499520.jpg /wp-content/uploads/2014/07/2_499521.jpg


(2) Click on File -> New-> Product.

     Enter Name as: BPM_EmpInfo_HumanActivity

Click on Next




(3)Click on New Software Component


(4) Enter Software Component name as SC_EMPINFO and click on Finish


(5) Uncheck all the other Software Components and check only SC_EMPINFO and then click on Next , the following screen will appear


     Click On Next



(6) Click on Next


Click on Finish



The BPM component will be created as shown




Step 2. Create a New Process


(7)Drag and Drop Process from Right Palette into the Business Component



(8) Type “EmpInfo_Process” as name for the new process and then click on “Next”.

     Select “Create a pool with the following names and lanes”

     Enter Pool name as “EmpInfo”

     Enter Lanes “Use1,User2”

     Click on Next

     Leave defaults as it is and click on Finish



(9) Double Click on Employee_Process , following screen will appear



(10) Select the line between Start and End and delete the link/line

      Create the first Human activity for the “User1” Lane as shown below


/wp-content/uploads/2014/07/10_1_499532.jpg /wp-content/uploads/2014/07/10_2_499533.jpg


(11) Type the name of the Human activity “Enter Emp Details”.



(12) Create one more Human activity


(13)  Move the new Human Activity to the Lane “User2” and type “Display Emp Details” as a name for this activity.


(14)  Connect the Human activity “Display Emp Details” with the End event.

      Save (Ctrl+S).




Step 3. Create Web Dynpro UIs by UI template


In this step you create and assign new User Interfaces, based on Web Dynpro Java, for the human activities.


(15)  Remove default task from Human activity “Enter Emp Details”

        Repeat the step for “Display Emp Details”

         Save ALL

/wp-content/uploads/2014/07/15_1_499538.jpg  /wp-content/uploads/2014/07/15_2_499539.jpg


(16)  Import the  WSDL by clicking on Service Interface -> Import WSDL




         Check Remote Location/File System and import the WSDL from your desktop and then click on finish


/wp-content/uploads/2014/07/16_2_499541.jpg   /wp-content/uploads/2014/07/16_3_499678.jpg

          You can see the following Date types and Service Interface created




(17) Drag and Drop the Data type EmpOnboard_Dt from Project Explorer to Swim Lane User2




(18)Select process in Project Explorer and right mouse click

     Select Apply Template



(19) Select UI Task Generation

      Click Next



(20) Fill Display Emp Details and check the checkboxes




(21) Fill Enter Emp Details and check the checkboxes

      Click Next




(22) Click Finish and Wait for the wizard to generate the UIs



(23) After the successful generation the NWDS will look as follows




Step 4. Create Users and Grant Access


In this step you wo;; create new users . Later on you will assign these users to the swimlanes in BPM. These users will participate in the process and will receive the tasks.


(24)  Open SAP NetWeaver Application Server Administration > User Management

         ex: http://<ip>:<port>/startPage




(25) Create User





(26) For the First UserID type “User1” for Logon ID, type password 123pass, confirm it and type “User1” for the Last Name of this UserID (see the example).               Click “Save” at the end.

      Complete the same for the UserID type “User2”.



(27) Following Users will be created


(28)  Assign Users to Roles. Change the Search Criteria to Role




(29) Search for a Role containing “BPEM” – type for the search criteria *BPEM*. Click on “Go”.

      Click on the displayed Portal Role with description “BPEM End User”.



(30) Go to tab “Assigned Users” and click button “Modify”.



(31) Search for the “User*” and click on “Go”.




(32)When found, select all rows .Add UserIDs to the role



(33) After the assignment both UserIDs will be displayed on the right side with Assigned Users. Click on Save


/wp-content/uploads/2014/07/33_1_499595.jpg  /wp-content/uploads/2014/07/33_2_499596.jpg


(34) Search also for the Portal Role “Every User Core Role”. Click on the role.




(35)Go to tab “Assigned Users” and click button “Modify”. And repeat steps (31),(32) and (33)



Step 5.Assign Users to Swim-Lanes


(36) Click on Swim Lane User1 and  and select “Potential Users” in Properties tab

        Click on Choose…



     Search for “User1” , Select User1 added in the last step , Click OK




     Similarly, Select the Task swimlanes User2 and select “Potential Users” in Properties tab

     Click on Choose

     Select User2 added in the last step




Step 5. Create Mappings


(37) Select the Task “Enter Emp Details”> Go to Properties > Output Mapping >Map the fields as shown



(38) Select the Task “Display Emp Details”> Go to Properties > Input Mapping > Map the fields as shown . Save (Ctrl+S).




Step 6.Build & Deploy the process


(39) In Process Composer perspective: Build the DC




(40) Select also the development component of the Web Dynpro Development Component if you want to re-build it and click “OK”.




(41) In Process Composer perspective: Deploy the DC




(42) Deployment starts.Log shows the BPM is deployed successfully







Step 7 .Run the process


(43) Click on SAP Netweaver Administrator . Search for Process Repository -> Go


       Click on Overview


       Select the Process “bpm_empinfo_humanactivity ~pr~pm( ” from the list with Components.





(44) Go to Resources of the Component > Processes and Tasks – select the Process Definition “EmpInfo_Process”. Click Start Process.



(45) A new pop up appears Click Start Process




(46) A message for successful process start will appear at the top of the screen.




Step 8 .Test the Process Behavior with “User1” and “User2”


(47)  Log-in to the Portal -> http://<ip>:<port>/irj using User1 and the initial password 123pass.Change the initial password to pass123





(48)A task is already assigned to User1 and is visible in the Task list of his Universal Worklist.

      Click on the Task/ Open the task



(49) A new pop up appears .Go to the link of the Process to see where you are on the process flow.





(50) You are on the first Human activity “Enter Emp Details”.




(51) Enter the Details and click on Approve button


(52) Refresh the Universal Worklist , task will disappear



(53) Log-in to the Portal using User2 and the initial password 123pass. Change the initial password to pass123




(54) The next process task is already assigned to User2 and is visible in the Task list of his Universal Worklist.



(55)Go to the link of the Process to see where you are on the process flow. You are on the second Human activity “Display Name Age


(56) BPM UI is now displaying the Emp details values entered by User1 earlier. Click on Approve button


(57) Refresh the list with Tasks in the Universal Worklist of User2 . Task will disappear




This completes our hands-on scenario 





Vinay P.





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