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SAP Business One 9.1 Configurable UI & Hide Functions….

SAP Business One 9.1 Configurable UI &  Hide Functions….

In my past experience i have come across  many clients asking for the UI to Removed or Hidden, also they want to remove certain functionality from the sap b1 as they don’t using those functionality, now in SAP Business One 9.1 release we have a New enhancement to change the UI and Hide Options which is a really a good enhancement.

1. Configurable UI

Open the Required Marketing Document or Form  by using the path Tools –> Edit Form UI

Using the Edit form UI you can hide fields and tabs of a given window, change the location of fields by dragging and dropping, and change the window’s layout to best fit business needs. This way, the users get to work with user interfaces tailor made for their role and needs.

In the above screen you can the mode as UI edit Mode.

By using the mouse you can select the required field and  drag and drop at the required position.

You can also use the Hide Option to grey the field from the screen and Disable option to remove from the Screen , by right click on the desired fields.

Once you done the required change in the UI you can close it will prompt for a save you can save it.

If You want to restore to original UI you can use the Restore Default option for it which is shown in the above screen.

With this new capability, you can customize the following windows:

● Business Partner Master Data

● Item Master Data

● Sales and Purchasing Documents

● Journal Entries, Journal Vouchers, and Chart of Accounts

● Goods Receipt, Goods Issue, Inventory Transfer, and Inventory Transfer Request

● Incoming and Outgoing Payments

You can set a default template for each user, or assign multiple templates to a user.

Note: The UDF fields also you can drag into the main screen.. so for customization it will be very easy.

2. Hide Functions

Hiding one or more of the functionalities above can be done either from the Hide Functions tab added to the General Settings window under: Administration — System Initialization

Hiding completely certain functionalities, in case these are not used at all by the business. Using this new option lets businesses enjoy the benefit of a thinner application that provides and displays only the functionality and features that the business really needs and uses. You can now hide and disable the following functionalities:

● Budget

● Payment Wizard

● Dunning Wizard

● Cost Accounting

● Serial Numbers and Batches

● Production


● Unit of Measures




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  • Hi Kennedy,

    Are we able to move a field in the logistic tab such as the address field to the top beside the company name or move to another tab?


    • Hi

      I see this question hasn’t been answered and I am looking for the same information.

      Is it possible to Transfer a UI from one Company DB to another? If so, how? It’s not working through Quick Copy. Says it did does not show up in new DB.

      We Go Live tomorrow and a lot of work will be wasted if we have to recreate it all from scratch. 



  • Hi,

    I can not find out how to assign a UI template to the ‘manager’ user.

    Is there a special way to do it ?

    Thanks in advance.

    Kind Regards


  • Thanks for the UI information, I have some feedback here,

    <1> your description  ” Hide Option to grey the field from the screen and Disable option to remove from the Screen ” ,   it’s opposite,   should be,

    Disable Option to grey the field from the screen and Hide option to remove from the Screen ” ,

    <2> table in a window,  if we narrow up the table size,  some fields will be overiden shown up.  Can SAP setup limited edge when user narrow down the table size to avoid fields got screwed up?

    <3> UI is not allowed to adjust some tab,   like “Address” tab not shown in BP Master Data,  why some not allowed to customize?  and what are they?

    <4> it will be better if we may adjust field value box size, especially remarks and address text box.

    <5> UI is only used for assigned users but not including supervisor roles. ??

    Thank you!


    • Hi MIchelle,

      Thanks for the feedback,

      1. I will update the document.

      ( 2 to 5 )You need to check this SAP, if not raise a ticket with SAP to understand more about.


  • Is it possible to move warehouse and project field from form settings to marketing document UI? I want to change these fileds globally.

  • Dear, very well!

    Can you help me?

    I have the following situation, the problem I found is when I edit the screen items, which has fields that only appear after being item loaded, not figured out a way of how to change these fields when they appear to be edited in the model ( only the single issue).

    With item master data:

    item sem UI.png

    With out item in the master data:

    item com UI.png

  • Hi all


    We need to login as individual SAP user account for editing this UI form right?

    Any idea why some users disabled field suddenly become editable again when they have No Authorization to edit form UI?





  • Hi all,


    There is a scenario like user  in incident management do not want to see the financial tracking tab while processing the any incident . how can i hide it .


    Thanks and Regards