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  1. Ian Goh

    Hi Kennedy,

    Are we able to move a field in the logistic tab such as the address field to the top beside the company name or move to another tab?


    1. Amie Uke


      I see this question hasn’t been answered and I am looking for the same information.

      Is it possible to Transfer a UI from one Company DB to another? If so, how? It’s not working through Quick Copy. Says it did does not show up in new DB.

      We Go Live tomorrow and a lot of work will be wasted if we have to recreate it all from scratch. 



    1. Kennedy T Post author

      Yes it is possible, click and drag the udf in the required place in the item master data..



  2. Michelle Cheng

    Thanks for the UI information, I have some feedback here,

    <1> your description  ” Hide Option to grey the field from the screen and Disable option to remove from the Screen ” ,   it’s opposite,   should be,

    Disable Option to grey the field from the screen and Hide option to remove from the Screen ” ,

    <2> table in a window,  if we narrow up the table size,  some fields will be overiden shown up.  Can SAP setup limited edge when user narrow down the table size to avoid fields got screwed up?

    <3> UI is not allowed to adjust some tab,   like “Address” tab not shown in BP Master Data,  why some not allowed to customize?  and what are they?

    <4> it will be better if we may adjust field value box size, especially remarks and address text box.

    <5> UI is only used for assigned users but not including supervisor roles. ??

    Thank you!


    1. Kennedy T Post author

      Hi MIchelle,

      Thanks for the feedback,

      1. I will update the document.

      ( 2 to 5 )You need to check this SAP, if not raise a ticket with SAP to understand more about.


  3. Daniel Yu

    Is it possible to move warehouse and project field from form settings to marketing document UI? I want to change these fileds globally.

  4. Clayton Calixto

    Dear, very well!

    Can you help me?

    I have the following situation, the problem I found is when I edit the screen items, which has fields that only appear after being item loaded, not figured out a way of how to change these fields when they appear to be edited in the model ( only the single issue).

    With item master data:

    item sem UI.png

    With out item in the master data:

    item com UI.png


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