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Author's profile photo Rui Nogueira

Course guide “Introduction to SAP HANA Cloud Platform (repeat)” – week 6


ENROLL TO THE COURSE HERE (in case you haven’t, yet): Course: Introduction to SAP HANA Cloud Platform (repeat)

You can find a list of the course guides for each week of this course in the corresponding parent project of this blog post.

Course Guide Week 6 – Advanced Features

Hi everyone,

we’re coming to the end of the  course Introduction to SAP HANA Cloud Platform.

This last week will provide you with some insights into additional features like the SAP HANA Cloud Portal, Gateway-As-A-Service and SAP Mobile Platform – cloud Version.

Find below some additional information related to this week of our course.

Table of Contents

Unit 1 – SAP HANA Cloud Portal

Additional Information

Promo video of SAP HANA Cloud Portal

Unit 2 – SAP HANA Cloud Integration data provisioning

Common issues

You can’t access Gateway as a Service

In case your account was already created at the time when Gateway-As-A-Service was not available on the trial landscape you are not able to use Gateway-As-A-Service. The only way you can fix this is by creating a new account on the trial landscape again.

You get a “redirected to http://localhost:8080/saml2/localidp/sso”

Most probably you didn’t reset the trust settings from the units in week5.

To fix it go to your cockpit and click Trust -> Local Service Provider -> Default

Unit 3 – SAP HANA Cloud Platform mobile services

Unit 4 – Wrap-Up And Outlook

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      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member

      Is site down?

      Author's profile photo Ashok Pathmanathan
      Ashok Pathmanathan

      Unit 2 - cannot access Gateway-as-a-Service. There is a problem with the workaround solution provided. Still not able to access the Gateway-as-a-Service link through 'HCI OData Provisioning'. Message returned is that I am not authorised even though I registered for a new trial account with an alternate email address.

      Update : The old 'clear browser cache' did the trick !

      Author's profile photo Klaus Billig
      Klaus Billig

      Hi Rui,

      At the very last step of the exercise of unit 3 I get an error during registration, although I used exactly the dame user and password I got for the gateway registration. What could be the cause for this error? I am using Internet Explorer.


      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member

      Hi Klaus,

      please check that your application registered with a name "openSAP". It's required for the provided index.html (s.

      Also ensure, that you use the index.html provided on the page with a video at I've first tried with index.html provided in the first edition of the course from 2013, but it's not work anymore - same error with HTTP request failed

      Best regards,


      Author's profile photo Klaus Billig
      Klaus Billig

      Hi Artem,

      Thank you for trying to help me.

      I checked everything and made sure that it is as you describe, I even did everything from scratch (including the exercise with the SAP NetWeaver Gateway service from the previous unit which is a prerequisite). However, the problem I described above persists 🙁

      Kind regards,


      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member

      Hi Rui,

      in the Unit 1 I recieved some JS errors in authoring workspace after opening the templates (e.g. ATOMIC Open House Event) from site catalog, so I was not able to edit the sites. I found out, that there seems to be some inconsitences with old templates. Since I'm already was registered for SAP Cloud Portal  in the last year, the templates which I had were from that time.

      After reimport the templates from the marketplace the authoring workspace for these sites works now. Maybe it make sence to describe this problem in your blog above.

      However, thank you for the course! Hope it will be "next next steps" course as well? 🙂

      Best regards,


      Author's profile photo Ashok Pathmanathan
      Ashok Pathmanathan

      Hi !

      After completing the exercises in the units in week 4, the 'Trusted Identity Provider', under the 'Trust' tab, gets changed from the SAP IdP to the 'localidp'. This hurt my revisional attempts for the final exam in trying to access the SAP Mobile Platform (Cloud) and SAP HANA Cloud Portal using the hyperlinks on the account dashboard. After the final exams, on investigating the problem, I reverted the 'Local Service Provider' under the 'Trust' tab as 'Default' instead of 'Custom'. This automatically changed the 'Trusted Identity Provider' in the HCP Cockpit to SAP ID Service and I could log back onto the SAP Mobile Platform (Cloud) and SAP HANA Cloud Portal using the hyperlinks on the account dashboard.



      Author's profile photo Monika Patel
      Monika Patel

      Hi Rui,

      Thx for details and info.

      I am new to I registered to course "Introduction to SAP HANA Cloud Platform (Repeat) and received a mail today to start. On clicking the link in the mail, I am able to view the video and browse the presentation-slides of video. However when I try to access the "weekly quiz" it states the Quiz as locked. This quiz was locked Jun 18 at 10pm.( "  )

      Is there a way to unlock the Quiz, as I started with the course today only.

      Or Is there a different link that I should be using/referring to?

      NB: I have completed Week1 - Unit1 and it's SelfTest (scoring 8 points)

      Is it that the "weekly" assignment or Quiz will become open only once all the Unit's of the Week are completed?

      Anticipating your response, Thx in advance .



      Author's profile photo Stef Noyens
      Stef Noyens


      In unit 3 of this week's course where we want to import the 'week6u3_appconfig_backend1.0' zipfile, it gives an error 'invalid file uploaded'.
      I tried with the unzipped file but that didn't work either and I don't seem to be able to find a fix or forum post anywhere.
      Any hints to solve this conundrum?


      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member

      Hi Rui,

      first of all thanks for the three great openSAP courses on SAP Hana Cloud platform. I have just finished the repeats of the Introduction and the Next step course and doing the repeat of the Extension one.

      I have a question related to the Introduction course. The exercise of Week 6 unit 3 using the index.html doesn't appear to work using either IE, Fireforx or Chrome. It appears that others have the same issue as well and none of the recommendation given did fix the error Error:HTTP request failed

      Also it appears that only Firefox is able to work with the index.html file. Chrome does go into a loop and IE is sitting on the mainpage. I was hoping to get the mobile scenario working as it looked quite interesting. Is there something that I have overlooked.

      I also had problems importing the like some other people had as well. I then went ahead and created the application openSAP manually based on the screens I saw in your course.

      It would be great if that exercise can be made working.

      Regards. Dieter