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If SNC is activated in SAP GUI and in NWBC, the logon popup never appears again.

This is exactly what you would expect from a

Single Sign-On technology, but sometimes you might still want to have a logon popup (for testing purposes for example).

If you have previously used the SAP Logon Pad, you might know the options SNC Logon with Single Sign-On (Enter) and SNC Logon without Single
Sign-On (Shift+Enter).

Unfortunately we do not have this kind of “switch” in NWBC.

Fortunately however there is a workaround:

You can use the existing external service (delivered with 7.40) /nwbc-no-sso.

This alias calls the NWBC service without support of certificates and always forces a logon screen.


Alternatively, you can create your own external alias in transaction SICF.


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  1. Marc Baumann

    Hi Sandra,

    thanks for the workaround.

    unfortunately this works only as long as you stay in the web world. as soon as you enter the first abap transaction in nwbc which starts sapgui implicit, you get again the logon screen. and if you have a certificate you just have the option to choose one of your mapped user (snc), hence no chance to enter again the same user/password as in nwbc…

    it would only work if you remove the <SaplogonDescr> Parameter in the nwbcoptions.xml file… but then snc is deactivated

    do you have a solution that snc can still be activated?

    Regards Marc

  2. Carmen Wirthensohn

    Hello Sandra,


    I have tried your description but it doesn`t work. NWBC still uses SSO. I should have a possibility to log in with another SAP User for tests.

    I have created a new external Alias named /nwbc-no-sso and deleted the Logon through SSL Certificate.

    I used this URL: https://servername.domain:port/nwbc-no-sso/ for testing.


    Should I do some more things or does this workaround not work anymore?






    1. Sandra Thimme Post author

      Hi Carmen,

      Quick and dirty solution (not officially supported): IE Explorer => Internet Options => security =>Trusted sites, choose Custom Level and select “Don’t prompt for client certificate selection when no certificates or only one certificate exists”. Select “Disable”. If you start Business Client again you can see which certificate will be used and you have the possibility to cancel the request => logon popup will appear.


      The supported solution is to create a new external alias (/nwbc-no-sso, Trg Element: /default_host/sap/bc/nwbc,  description “this alias calls NWBC service without support of certificates and forces a logon screen) in transaction SICF. An alias where you delete option 2 (Logon Through SSL certificate) inside Logon Data/Logon Procedure as described in the blog.






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