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FIORI launchpad in Other Languages

I recently came across this issue at one of our customers – thought of sharing this in SCN,

FIORI launchpad runs perfectly in Language = EN, when I change the language to DE,ES,RU.. it dumps on the launchpad with a lot of errors directing to PAGE_BUILDER_PERS, RFC Error, Error inserting Duplicate record in table, etc.

For such issues perform the following quick checks to see if the Chip texts are available in the required language

1) SE11- > /UI2/CHIP_CHDRT

2) See if there are entries existing in the table for the desired language

3) If there are no entries,

4) Logout and Login in the language you have an issue (ie login in Russian, German)

5) Run the report program /UI2/CHIP_SYNCHRONIZE_CACHE

6) Go back to the table /UI2/CHIP_CHDRT – see if the entries are generated for the desired language

7) Retest the App

Perform this for all required languages.


Best Regards

Babu Ganesh V

Customer Experience Group

SAP Labs India,


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  • Thanks Babu – seeing the real world issues and needs of the customers turned into lessons learned, blogs, etc. is a great contribution to the community!

    It can also serve as an encouragement for other community members to do the same, because sharing the wealth of Fiori related knowledge and insight is what makes this space so dynamic and vibrant 😎

  • Hi Babu,

    Good Info..

    In our launchpad, we are able to see only EN,DE languages in dropdown, to enable all other languages what are the steps which I need to follow up?

    when I checked /UI2/CHIP_CHDRT table, we have only chip id’s for English and German. how to genearte chip id’s for other languages.



  • Hi.

    I did the same.

    But when I log in with other language. It shows me error message that ‘Unable to Load Groups’.

    Can anyone help me in that?

  • Hello,


    I have added language French. Everything looks good, I can select it. The problem is that everything shows in French but the catalogues and Groups.  Entries exist in table  /UI2/CHIP_CHDRT. I have executed pretty much every cache cleaning report.