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Idoc View and its use in sending PO Condition Data(PO Outbound)


During testing of PO outbound interface, a defect has been raised which says “PO Conditions are not appearing in IDoc”, which leads me to write a blog on Idoc View and use of IDoc view for sending PO condition data.

IDoc types can be used for more than one message, that is, for more than one business process. As a result, the IDoc types usually contain more segments than necessary for the individual application cases. To improve performance when generating IDocs, we can use views to ensure that only the segments relevant to the current business process are filled with data. Views are therefore only important for IDoc outbound processing.

This document explains how to use IDoc view to send PO conditions data.


Check below snapshot from function module IDOC_OUTPUT_ORDERS/IDOC_OUTPUT_ORDCHG


As we can see highlighted comment which says “Do not Send Conditions without View”, we have to create a view for IDoc type/IDoc extension to send PO condition data.

In this document, we are going to create IDoc view for Idoc extension.

Configuration & Design in SAP

Create Idoc View:

For some of IDoc type/message type, views are already available.

Go to WE32 and press F4


As we can see from above IDoc view is already there for PO create/change.

Select any one of them and click display


As we can see above it is available for Basic type ORDERS05. Look at Color Legend in  below screen shot, the Greens are included in Idoc view.


Here we have created an Idoc extension so we have to create view for IDoc extension.

Go to WE32 and enter a name for View and click on Create icon.

Check below snapshot for view created for Idoc extension


As we can condition data are included in extension.

Assign IDoc View to Partner Profile

           Go to WE20 and assign Idoc view in partner profile.


Comparison with Idoc Reduction

As we know SAP has also provided Idoc Reduction tool (BD53) to remove segments which are not required.

Key differences between Idoc Reduction and Idoc View are:

  • Idoc Reduction works at segment field level. It means we can remove fields from segments which are not required instead of removing entire segment.In case of IDoc view, entire segment is rejected. No control at field level.

  • In case of Idoc reduction a new message has to be created and assigned in Partner Profile while in Idoc view no need to create new message type just maintain an Idoc View using WE32 for Idoc type/Message Type/Extension combination and assign the View in Partner Profile.

Scenario Execution

Without IDoc View:

First test without Idoc view assigned in partner profile

Go to ME21N and create PO.


Check generated Idoc in WE02.


As we can see above there are no condition segments appearing in Idoc.

With IDoc View:

Now test with Idoc view assigned in partner profile

Go to ME21N and create PO.


Check generated Idoc in WE02.


As we can see above there are condition segments appearing in Idoc.


       SAP Note: 185445

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      Author's profile photo Jigang Zhang 张吉刚
      Jigang Zhang 张吉刚

      Jitendra Soni

      Thanks for sharing this. Quite a diff compare with sales order outbound Idoc.