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Event base charges adventure

In SAP TM 9.1, we can now apply charge types dependent on events. The blog include the function and technical two parts. The function part introduces the process. The technical part would analysis how the function has been achieved in the code.

The “adventure” would be a series to record my research about the new features of TM.


  1. Create an event profile and map charge types to events



  2.   Assign the event profile to the order type


3.   The forwarding order has two items. Report an event to the one item in the freight order accordingly. The event id and reason code should be the same as the event which assigned in the event profile.


4.   Calculation charge in forwarding order. The event charge type “DEMMURAGE” would charge in the container which has “DELAYED” event.



  1. Get the execution information from freight order, then maintain them in the communication structure.


   2.  When resolve TCCS, compare the charge types in TCCS to the event profile.


   3.  If the charge type is valid, change the resolution base to “EVENT”. Then apply the charge type by the events.


   4.  In the case we use the “ITEM” calculation level, so the logic would use the events in item to apply charge type. The “<ls_comm_item>-event_assgn” is the communication structure which we maintain before.


   5.  Finally, the logic would adjust the result of resolve by the event’s id, reason and status.


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