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ABAP Workflow For Beginners: Working with Container Operation and Loop (Until) Steps-PART2

Introduction:This document will help one to understand the use of Container Operation

                         and Loop (Until) step in Workflow Builder.

Note: 1) Before reading this document readers must study Part 1 of this document

                i. e.’ ABAP Workflow For Beginners: Working with Container Operation

                        and Loop (Until) Steps-PART1′ from workflow section.

           2) This document will help us to learn how to execute and analyse a workflow.

           3) The building of the workflow with Container Operation and Loop (Until)

                Steps are discussed in Part 1 of the this document.


1)  In Part 1 of this document we have seen how to build a workflow with

     Container Operation and Loop (Until) Steps.


2) After completely Building a workflow we can start our execution process.

     a) We have to press execute button(F8) to run the workflow.


3) Now we can see a screen as shown below.

first execute screen.PNG

4) This screen consists of following tabs.

     Input Data Tab.

    a) Here we have to fill the importing input parameters.

    b) _wf_initiator , _wf_priority and _wi_group_id are default parameters.

     c) lv_counter  is the parameter created by us for keeping the loop count

        (This is discussed in Part 1 document->

          ‘ABAP Workflow For Beginners: Working with Container Operation and Loop (Until) Steps-PART1’)

   d) We can change the value of the ‘lv_counter’ parameter to our desired value.


5) Now we have to press on Execute(F8) to start workflow processing.


We will get following status message.


6) Now as we have started the execution of our workflow we have to

     follow steps to analyse the execution of it as shown below.


      a) Graphical Workflow Log:

            i) This will display a graphical representation of the process flow of our workflow.

           ii) The green path will show the step by step execution of workflow.

          iii) Here we can see that first the loop step will be executed.

          iv) And then the container operation step will be executed, here decrement

               of  value of ‘lv_counter’ element by 1 is performed on every loop execution.

           v) Then next step to execute will be ‘send mail’ activity.

          vi) After ‘send mail step’, the loop will continue to execute until ‘lv_counter’ element’s

               value will be ‘0’.

         vii)Once the ‘lv_counter”s value is ‘0’, the loop ends and workflow completes.    


  b) Workflow Chronicle log:

     i) This log Consists of tree view(technical Details) of the steps executed in a workflow.

    ii) Here in below figure we can see that five loops have executed.

   iii) This is because our ‘lv_counter’ value is ‘5’ and loop step will loop

         until the ‘lv_counter’ value is ‘0’( This is discussed in the Part 1 document).

   iv) With execution of each loop the ‘lv_counter’ Value will be decremented

        by 1(That is why loop will end after 5 executions).


   v)In technical details (Tree structure) we have 6 tabs.

   1) Details tab:Has details like workflow task ID,Wok item status,date,time etc.


   2) Step History tab:This is step by step error details.

         There are no errors in our workflow execution,that is why ‘Execution Action’ is in green status.

step history tab.PNG

3)Deadlines tab: This step shows the deadline details for the steps

                                used(example mail step).

       We have not set any deadlines so this tab has no entries. 

  deadline details.PNG

4) Task Description tab:This step shows the description of the tasks that are

                                          used in our workflow.

       For example:Send Mail step body content.  

task description tab.PNG

5) Container tab:This tab consists of the container elements with their runtime values.

      For example:’lv_counter’ value will be  ‘0’  after completion of the

                            workflow execution as shown below.

Container tab details.PNG

6) Message tab:This tab display work item wise message details.

message tab.PNG

     c) SAP business workplace:Sap business workplace (T code SBWP) is a

                                                     place, where we can view the mails triggered by

                                                     workflow as shown below with recipient specified as

                                                     our SAP login ID.

        i) As we can see ‘5’ unread mails are displayed in the ‘Inbox’.

       ii) This is because, the ‘send mail step’ is created inside the branch

           of  ‘loop until step’ and the ‘loop until step’ will be executed for 5 times.

       iii) And the mail recipient is ‘WF_INITIATOR’,that is why the mail is sent to our




    iv) After opening mail we can see following details.

           1) Subject,body of the mail and recipient details will be displayed.


7) This ends the detailed explanation of the execution of workflow( Creation is explained in Part 1) .

Conclusion:Now we know how to execute a workflow using step types:

                        loop(until) ,Container operation and Send Mail.

Creation: To learn how to create the workflow,please refer my document:

  ABAP Workflow For Beginners: Working with Container Operation and Loop (Until) Steps-PART1.

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