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In SAP Business One 9.1 we can use the Copy and paste option in the marketing documents simple steps.

1. Arrange the form settings for the rows as per the data in the excel

2. Copy the data from the excel CTRL + C

3. Open any of the Marketing document fill the Business Partner details

4. Paste the copied information on the Grid. (Ctrl + V)

Additional features added on the Grid level

1. Maximize and Restore option for the row level grid

2. Copy table can used for export data from SAP Business One 9.1 to excel in the marketing documents…


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  1. Alaa Kharma

    Great feature


    I want to ask if this will help to copy (row level) data from one document to another?

    For example, to copy data such as items and qualities from inventory transfer to AR Invoice?




  2. Former Member

    Hi everyone,

    We are using SAP 8.82 right now.

    Is there much difference betwen this and the latest version?

    Do you reccommend upgrading our current version? If yes, why?

    Thank you,


  3. Former Member

    Hi Experts,


    In the journal entry window, I cannot do copy paste from excel when choosing Customer/Vendor Codes as the GL Account. Is there any suggested solution for this?


    Thanks in advance.

    1. Former Member

      Hi Maya,

      Nice ques, though here you will have to use DTW to upload the data as a journal entry or journal voucher and the post it.

      The reason is that the business partner list in the JE screen is validated with (Ctrl + Tab) combination.


      hope it clears your doubt


      Best Regards


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