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My Feature Explorer Review

I’m Ricardo Mantovani, a  Java and C++ Developer since 1995 with over 3 years of ABAP experience and this is my take in Eclipse’s Feature Explorer!

Feature Explorer, great tool, happy to use it, learned a lot about how to find those great things we all love in ABAP repository. You see, when you’re a seasoned programmer it’s not that easy to get out of our way to learn a new tool particularly if it doesn’t add peaces of functionality to the language itself. So if you ask me if this tool is helpful for developers I’d had to say is useful to experienced developers also who don’t want to send too much time understanding how the tool works.

I think the way feature explorer was designed it could be easily expanded to other areas and tools of the community. I  think an initial hands-on tutorial would allow a far more effective knowledge sharing. My favorite feature, I have to say, is that it is fun!

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