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Updated Version of the SAP Fiori Client Available

SAP recently published an update to the SAP Fiori Client. The update implements several bug fixes plus adds some additional features customer have asked for. You can find the updated version of the Android version of the application at and for iOS the application can be accessed at

New Features

From a new feature standpoint, this updated version of the SAP Fiori Client includes the following new features.

Custom User Agent

Several of our customers have asked for the ability to easily identify the client running SAP Fiori. These customers want to either redirect traffic based on client type (SAP Fiori Client vs. mobile browser for example) or to block access to the server depending on the client. In one case, the customer wanted to be able to only allow the SAP Fiori Client to be used to access SAP Fiori.

To accommodate this, we’ve added a custom User Agent string to all requests submitted by the SAP Fiori Client. Requests to the server will include the string “Fiori Client” in the User Agent header.

Added Version Number

In this version of the application, we’ve added an about screen that lists the version number for the application. We added this to make it easier to determine which version of the application is running on devices during troubleshooting.

Help Link

Added a menu item with a link to the online user guide for the SAP Fiori Client. The user guide can be found at

Support for Additional Link Types

Added support for tel & mailto links within a Fiori application. This allows SAP Fiori Client users to more easily initiate a phone call or send an email message from within a Fiori application – just like they can from within a browser.

Upcoming Updates

We know that security and certificate management are important topics for our customers; a future update to the SAP Fiori Client will address those topics.

The existing SAP Fiori Client is a custom Cordova application. SMP SDK SP04 was just released, so the next version of the SAP Fiori Client we publish to the app stores will be built using the Kapsel plugins. I will provide more information about this version once it’s published.

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  • Hi John,

    Fiori Client is not working for HTTPS Launchpad and it is showing certificate error, we already installed certificate in iphone.  is there any workaround solution for Practice and demo.

    to suppress or bypass this error?

    Thank you.



  • Hi John

    we’ve already successfully placed SAP Fiori in some of our customer’s landscape. One of our customers is using “Good Software” ( as security tool for managing mobile devices and secure data access for mobile access.

    Do you happen to know whether the Fiori Client (native app) will support the Good Framework in the future? For example, the SAP Cloud4Customer app will add this support in the next couple of months.

    Thanks & regards Wolfgang

    • I’m sorry, but I don’t understand what you mean by “will support the Good Framework”

      Are you talking about application deployment? Certificate provisioning? SSO?

  • Hi John,

    I did not understand this update for SAP Fiori Client “Added support for tel.This allows SAP Fiori Client users to more easily initiate a phone call.”

    Is it a normal phone call using a contact number? If yes, then is there any plugin used for this?



    • I don’t know all the details on this, but apparently there was something done in order to allow the SAP Fiori Client to better deal with tel links. There’s no plugin used for this, but somehow the links weren’t trapped correctly.