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Hiding Subreport in main report without making it small

Hi All,

Please suggest if I am wrong

I have put together several reports where a count or sum is performed in a subreport.

I want to use the value returned by the sub report, but don’t want to show the subreport.

However, if I suppressed the subreport or the section it appeared in, the value became 0 and the report no longer worked.

I also tried setting all the text to white, making the subreport very small and turning of the “Can Grow” option. This worked if the subreport only runs a single time, but for some of my reports I ended up with very large white spaces.

Fortunately, there is a way to hide the subreport but still have it run:

  1. Create your subreport, and use the Section Expert in the subreport to hide or suppress all sections.
  2. Return to the main report, select the section that holds the subreport and use the Section Expert to suppress the section if blank.
  3. The subreport will be hidden in the report, but the calculations will still be performed.
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  • hi Vissu,

    thanks for posting this.

    there’s one more option if you want to hide the main report section where the subreport resides.

    right click on the subreport and choose Format Subreport > go to the Subreport tab and then select the Suppress Blank Subreport option. this works in conjunction with your steps above.