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Would you like to reach out to more customers? Certify your device type from SAP ICC through SAP NetWeaver – Printer Device Types Certification (BC-PRN-DT) and get your printer device type listed in SAP Application Development Online directory. This blog will provide an insight to all the information related to SAP Printer Device Types certification from SAP Integration and Certification Center (SAP ICC).

Who can apply for certification?

All the printer vendor and manufactures who have developed their device type can apply for the certification by contacting us

Why certify my printer device type?

SAP’s mission has always been to increase customer satisfaction with high quality solutions and innovations. Hence, the focus is to increase product quality and accelerating customer value. SAP Integration and Certification Center (SAP ICC) continuously works on enhancing its portfolio, the result is the certification offering for printer device types. By certifying your printer device type from SAP ICC you not only add value to your device type, but also help you to reach more customers through marketing support such as ‘SAP® Certified Printer Solution’ logo and listing your device type under the SAP Application Development Online directory.

Developing device types under SAP Printer Vendor Program does not automatically qualify the device type as certified and tested by SAP. Once the device types is developed successfully under printer vendor program you can contact SAP Integration and Certification Center for certification.

What do I need to prepare before I apply for the certification?

     – Your device types development & self-testing needs to be done in SAP printer vendor program development system

     – Your device type is ready for general release and a set of relevant documentation has been made available for SAP customers to use

To get an overview and understanding about the SAP Printer Vendor program click here.

How many device types can I certify in one single agreement?

Maximum of five device types can be certified within single agreement. Once the certification agreement has been signed with SAP ICC, a technical consultant from SAP ICC will contact you to kick-off the process. In order to ensure a timely start, make sure to submit your certification request as early as possible since the processing of your request is not instantaneous given the volume of partners.

What are the scope and requirements for certification?

     – Focus of the certification to test the device types with printer model from SAP system. It is necessary to verify the operability of those setups by testing them.

     – The certification tests the device type feature on specific printer model from interaction level.

     – Printer vendor provide list of device types names to be certified along with the details of printer model on which the testing can be performed.

     – Custom-tailored test plan that best suits your device type has been defined by ICC.

     – Certification will be conducted onsite where printer model and SAP test system is available. Onsite location can be either SAP office or partner office based on facilities available in order to incorporate the testing requirement.

     – You have set up the system landscape for testing of your device types:

          – Printer model on which testing is to be performed is usually provided by the partner

          – SAP test system is provided by the ICC.

An overview of the certification process:


As every device type is unique and distinct in itself, the testing and validation is also specific to each. Therefore, it is essential to discuss your device type features with an ICC consultant as early on as possible to allow the consultant to evaluate it correctly and define a custom-tailored test plan that is specifically catered to the device type. If we consider the certification in abstraction from its specific criteria, this process is relatively straightforward. It is worth highlighting that in most cases, its duration, complexity and success are determined by the partner’s level of readiness.

Benefits of Certification:

– SAP Certificate

– Test report

SAP certification logo “SAP Certified Printer Solution” which you can use for marketing your device types

Certified device types available in our SAP application development online directory Solution which will increase the accessibility and visibility to SAP customers. This directory is used by our customers, partners and sales personnel around the world.

Support for press release announcement

See the general benefits in our page:

Partner Testimonial:

Below are some of the quotes provided by our certified partners.

Toshiba TEC decided to certify the printer device type to prove the quality of our solution. The certification from SAP ICC will definitely add value to our solution and will help us to reach out to more customers.  The certification process was very smooth right from receiving the certification contract and completing the certification testing. We also believe that  this certification help us in promoting the reliability of our printing products to SAP customers’Masateru Mitani Software Engineer, Toshiba TEC Corporation

The certification from SAP ICC will help our customers to understand that our printers have good compatibility with SAP. The certification testing also helped me to notice some of the settings which was difficult to use. Going forward customers will ensure to buy certified device type as it verify the printers quality. – Satoshi Watanabe, Engineer of printer software, Fuji Xerox Co., Ltd.

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